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Gladys makes breakfast for Jughead. FP is surprised that Jellybean drinks coffee.

Alice is altering her wedding dress so that she can be baptized at the Farm.

Hiram is suspicious of the situation after his Fizzle Rocks suppliers were killed, Tall Boy tried to "kill him," FP became sheriff, and Gladys returned to Riverdale.

Archie is working with Tom Keller to practice boxing. Josie is meeting with the college advisor for help.

Female Serpents are leaving the gang to join the Pretty Poisons. Jughead plans to get Cheryl, Toni, and the others to come back.

Archie is desperate to get into the boxing ring to start his first real fight. Tom Keller warns him to not jump in since he hasn't trained his technique yet.

Veronica warns Gladys of her father sniffing around the suspicions. Veronica agrees to spy on her father so that Gladys will take control of the drug trade.

Archie agrees to take part in his first fight and throw the match for $5,000.

Veronica tries to get Hiram to focus on his prison instead of drugs. However, he wants to take over the Ghoulies and the drug trade since Penny Peabody went MIA. Veronica gives Glady the tip.

Toni won't return to the Southside Serpents unless she's made Queen.

Betty is upset that Alice has to sign a waiver to take part in the baptism.

Tom Keller demands that Archie cancel the fight since his opponent is dirty. He won't be his coach if Archie takes the fight.

Cheryl trains the Pretty Poisons in archery. She plans to get revenge on Jughead of calling the group a "vanity project." The group beats up Sweet Pea and Fangs.

Gladys tells Jughead that he needs to claim the Ghoulies before others defect. Toni gets mad at Cheryl for using the gang to beat up the boys.

Josie doesn't think it's a good idea for Archie to throw the match. Archie tries to back out, but it's too late since the bets are made.

Betty does research into escapees from The Farm; she wants to contact them to find out the truth. Kevin refuses to help since he's considering joining to meet cute guys.

Hiram invites Gladys over for a dinner. Veronica tries to get her to not come, but she refuses to back down.

The Ghoulies have disbanded and joined the Gargoyles. Jughead visits the interim leader of the Gargoyles to get them to join the Serpents. The leader refuses the offer; he states that the Gargoyle King is still alive and will determine who will ascend.

Tom Keller agrees to help Archie train for his match.

Hiram and Gladys make a reluctant deal to split the plans: Hiram will run the prison and Gladys will run the drug trade. Veronica will help Hiram with the prison business.

Betty makes arrangements with a former cult member to learn the truth of The Farm.

Archie gives Elio back his bribe money; he's going to do the boxing match for real. Elio tells his fighter to kill Archie.

Bertha, an ex-member of The Farm, warns Betty that her sister died during a ritual meant to give her Ascension. The "Baptism" pushes the person to their limits.

While Josie performs a song, Archie takes part in his match. Archie loses his boxing match in a close score.

Alice takes part in the baptism and Polly holds her long under the water. Betty rushes in and pulls her mother out of the water; she gives her mother CPR. Alice survives the drowning.

Josie and Archie hookup.

Hiram discovers the truth of the Fizzle Rocks being burned. Veronica comes to her mother's defense and reveals the truth; she has to owe Hiram $75,000.

Gladys successfully gets the Gargoyles to join their side.

Alice is still brainwashed by The Farm after her attack. She plans to sell the house for them all to live at The Farm.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Josie: Well, you are sweeter than a strawberry milkshake, Arch, but I’ve got a meeting with our college advisor. Maybe we can meet up after school?
Archie: Actually, I’m training with Mr. Keller then.
Josie: Oh. Are there any college scholarships for boxing out there?
Archie: No, but stepping between those ropes, Josie, it gets me and keeps me in a good headspace. Helps me focus. Forget about everything else outside of the ring.
[A second of silence]
Archie: Well, almost everything else.
Josie: Yeah, well, just don’t go messing up that pretty face, Andrews. It’s growing on me.

Evelyn: Your mother is on the verge of discovering something that some people spend their whole lives looking for and never find. There’s no need to be afraid or to stand in the way of that.
Betty: Umm, there is if she’s going to get hurt!
Polly: This is just like Edgar said. You’re a “detractor.” I’m not going to let you ruin this day for Mom.
Betty: Fine, but if Mom dies, her blood is on your hands, Polly.