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Alice tries showing the house for a prospective buyer. Betty interrupts the viewing and drops the evil truths of the house.

The owner of the gym gives Archie a job to help pay for his payments at the gym.

A conflict arises at Riverdale High as three different groups argue over booking a room: The Farm, the Gargoyles, and Cheryl/Pretty Poisons. The group gets into a fight.

Principal Weatherbee think Jughead's or Toni's gangs are involved in chemistry threats at the school. He says one more strike or they'll get expelled.

Hiram demands free drinks at La Bonne Nuit since Veronica owes him money. Gladys also causes drunken chaos too. Veronica wants to throw another casino night to make money.

Josie and Archie find a boy (Ricky) flicking a light open in a closet. They take him to Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe since he's hungry.

Ricky has no family. He's been holding up on his own for weeks. Ricky runs away after hearing Josie wanting to call Social Services. He reveals that he was branded with the "sacrifice" rune at his last shelter.

Archie lets Rickey stay at his home.

Toni chastises Cheryl for being a loose canon. Cheryl agress to behave, but she reminds her that she owns their home.

Kevin has joined The Farm. Archie, Veronica, and Jughead offer to let Betty crash at their places if Alice sells the house. Betty convinces Archie to contact Ms. Weiss, the Social Services attendant.

Betty tries to reach out to Kevin, but he calls her a dectractor.

Kurt, the former Gargoyles leader, reveals that he stole the chemistry equipment from Riverdale High. Jughead demands the equipment be returned, but tensions rise within the group. Kurt threatens to kick the Serpents out since he believes the Gargoyles have the power.

Veronica and Reggie teach their staff how to cover up the gambling machines if they're raided.

Ricky has taken off after a group of things came to get him. Pop Tate shows Archie a picture that Ricky had coloured: it's a drawing of the Gargoyle King and followers committing a ritual.

Betty observes a Farm reitual where people place their hands over a burning flame.

Ms. Weiss gets a police sketch made of Ricky to help with the search.

Hiram forces Veronica to let him schmooze a client at the casino night so that he can land a big deal. She demands 5% shaved off the debt.

Gladys wants to perform again. Veronica agrees to it if Gladys removes 5% off the debt.

Josie gives Betty a tip that Kevin's been sneaking out at night.

Jughead asks the Serpents to help search for Ricky. Kurt refuses, but a couple of the Gargoyles agrees.

Gladys performs at the nightclub, but Hiram's guest heckles her. After Gladys brings out her blade, Reggie removes the guest.

Betty catches Kevin walking across a bed of burning hot coals.

Jughead is sending out the Serpents to search for Ricky. Archie and Jughead head to the Gargoyles' hangout; they find the wall with all the names of sacrifices.  They find Ricky; he is scared of being a target.

Betty plans to write an article about what she saw. Evelyn and Kevin threaten to expose Alice's secret of hiding the dead body if Betty posts the story.

Ricky used to run Fizzle Rocks for the Gargoylines since he was young. Archie wants to train him at the gym.

Jughead, Toni, and Sweet Pea save Fangs' life after Kurt throws him over a stairwell .

Veronica finds Gladys behind the bar making drinks. Veronica has a plan to use the gambling funds to get back at Gladys and Hiram.

Archie lets Ricky keep his letterman jacket. He asked his father for help with Ricky.

Veronica hires Toni and the Pretty Poisons as muscle for La Bonne Nuit.

Alice has sold the house to a mysterious buyer.

Jughead and FP team up to offer the Southside Serpents a deal: they'll work for the sheriff as deputies, get paid, and get school credit. Everyone accepts the deal except Kurt.

Mrs. Wiess informs Archie that Ricky is Joaquin's brother; he has a history of self-harm and violent tendencies. Rickey has mysteriously disappeared from the living room. Archie finds Ricky in the kitchen with a knife; he needs to kill Archie so that the Gargoyles will let him play the game.

Ricky faked being a target; he added his own name to the board and marked himself. He cuts Archie with the blade and takes off when Fred appears.

Fred finds a Gryphons and Gargoyles card to "Kill The Red Paladin."

Cheryl brushes off Toni and gives her the cold shoulder.

With the Pretty Poisons' help, Veronica is able to keep Gladys and Hiram out of the club.

Betty is forced to pack up her belongings for the move.

The Southside Serpents clean up the old Gargoyles' hideout. Archie asks Jughead and Betty for help in how to escape the game.

Alice returns home to find her house on fire. Betty had set it on fire with a candle.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Alice: First off, I’d like to say this is a wonderful place to raise a family. Many a fort were built by my two girls in this very room.
Betty: And bonus, it’s also where my serial killer father showed us creepy snuff films.
Alice: [She laughs] Elizabeth! Shouldn’t you be at school?
[Alice changes topics]
Alice: We have wonderful schools in this district. Oh, I see that you eying the fireplace, which is original to this house.
Betty: Yes, which comes with accessories, like the shovel, which my mother used to knock out my father, the notorious serial killer, “The Black Hood.”
Alice: It’s true, you can Google it. But make sure you look up “Alice Cooper” and not “Alice Smith.” It’s all there. Or try “Murder House on Elm Street.” That’s this house.

Toni: Babe, you wear many hats.
Cheryl: Stunningly.
Toni: But when you put on that purple jacket, you represent our gang. And now Weatherbee is out for our blood!
Cheryl: I can handle Weatherbee.
Toni: Cheryl, I don’t want to have to suspend anyone for loose cannon behavior. Least of all my own girl friend.