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Archie rejects the offer from the warden; they hold him in solitary for a week.

Alice and FP hooked up; thanks to The Farm, she opened up to the possibility of their relationship.

Nothing bad happened in the three weeks since Ben and Dilton's deaths. Betty and Jughead hook up in Dilton's old bunker. They think the game is more like a cult; the players' manual will reveal everything.

The warden refuses to let Fred visit his son. Fred plans to get a lawyer involved.

The Chock'lit Shoppe is hemorrhaging money. The speakeasy is ready to launch, but Veronica has been waiting for Archie to be there to open it. Betty convinces her to open the speakeasy.

Betty thinks The Farm and the Evernevers are connected to the Gargoyle King. They plan to interrogate Ethel first.

The entrance to the speakeasy is behind a secret door in the telephone booth. The speakeasy is called La Bonne Nuit. Serpents will waiter, and the bar will only serve mocktails. Josie will be the performer on opening night and Kevin will be the emcee.

Penny Peabody offers Veronica protection from the Ghoulies with a reasonable fee.

The warden takes Archie to the pit. Joaquin was forced to take Archie's place in the fight; Joaquin was beaten to a bloody pulp. Archie agrees to take Joaquin's place.

Baby Teeth, Thumper, and Peter are members of the warden's fighting crew. Archie doesn't get the information he needs about what happened to Mad Dog.

Veronica invites Cheryl Blossom (the student council president) and Toni to attend the speakeasy. She offers them free drinks all night and no cover if they help hand out tickets.

Ethel's been having seizures several times a day; she's on a new medication. She reveals Evelyn got permission to start a new chapter of the Farm at Riverdale High.

Jughead asks Ethel to explain Griffins & Gargoyles to her. She agrees but demands he only attends; Ethel throws shade at Betty. Betty decides to go undercover at the next Farm meeting.

Reggie and Veronica open up boxes marked for her; the boxes contain supplies of Jingle Jangle. Sheriff Maneda arrives for a surprise inspection, but Reggie has already hidden the drugs. Sheriff Maneda tries to shake down Veronica for a cash donation.

No one is at the Farm school meeting. Evelyn reveals that she's been helping Ethel with her seizures; she's been trying to get her off the drugs. Betty convinces her to have Evelyn's dad explain more about the Farm.

Archie is brought to his first fight in the pit; he knocks out his challenger. Archie wins his lunch choice, which is burgers from Pop Tate's for him and his fellow fighters.

Veronica visits Cheryl and Toni for information about Penny and the Ghoulies; she needs blackmail to stop them and Hiram. Penny and Ghoulies have turned the basement of the Whyte Wyrm into a Jingle Jangle lab.

Toni, Veronica, and Cheryl take photos of the lab for evidence.

Ethel begins teaching the game to Jughead. He picks being a Hellcaster, which was the same piece as Ben.

Evelyn, Alice, Polly, and a group of women from The Farm surprise Betty for her first session. The support circle is her way to speak her truth and have an open and honest conversation. Betty is upset that Alice revealed the entire truth about the murder, her webcamming, and her relationship with her father.

Betty confronts Evelyn about the strange connection. Alice has a past with the game and the Gargoyle King. Betty feels delirious and leaves.

Ethel makes Jughead drink one of two goblets to determine his fate. He successfully passes her test to get the scripture; she also forces him to kiss her. She drinks the other goblet that was filled with poison.

Ethel survives drinking the poison; she is placed on suicide watch. Ethel is coy about her involvement, and she thinks Jughead will spread the message to the people.

Veronica shakes down her father with the Jingle Jangle blackmail evidence.

The warden threatens Archie to keep the next fight going for five or six rounds. Archie has an internal chat with Fred over what he needs to do.

Alice doesn't trust Betty, so she won't tell her about Griffins & Gargoyles.

Everyone has arrived for the opening night of the speakeasy, even Hiram. Hiram brings the painting of Veronica for the club.

Josie sings "Anything Goes" for her first song. In between the clips of the song, Archie is engaging in another fight. He knocks out his opponent after getting beaten a bit. The warden gives Archie a bunch of gifts, but Archie destroys everything. He finds a weapon hidden in a book.

FP and Alice destroy the only copy of the Griffins & Gargoyles scripture.

Hiram tells Veronica that he moved the drug lab.

Archie wants the fighters to escape juvie.

At school the next day, Ethel had distributed copies of Griffins & Gargoyles to all the lockers in Riverdale High. All of the students would be playing the game.

Ethel in kneeling to a figure dressed in the Gargoyle King costume at the hospital.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Betty: Ben’s death haunts me, Jug. He didn’t scream. Why not? I wonder because that’s one of their rules of Griffins & Gargoyles?
Jughead: Betty, that’s what we’re missing. There’s no rule book, there’s no players’ manual. But, what if that’s the key to all this? The way that Ethel, Ben, and Dilton talked about it is like a religion.
Betty: Yeah, or a cult.
Jughead: And every cult has its king.

Jughead: Please, Princess Etheline.
Ethel: Don’t call me that! You haven’t earned that privilege, and you’re definitely not worthy of the King’s scripture yet.
Jughead: Yes, but I want to be. I want to be worthy, Ethel. Could you show me how?
[Ethel gives side-eye to Betty before turning to Jughead]
Ethel: We meet tomorrow night at Dilton’s bunker. But, just you.
[Ethel looks at Betty]
Ethel: Sorry, Betty, but you’ll never worthy no matter how hard you try.
[Betty tries to suppress a smile]