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The Riverdale parents and town try confiscating the copies of Gryphons and Gargoyles around town. More copies pop up around town; the teens are playing it more frequently.

Hermione speaks to the students about the danger of the game. She bans Gryphons and Gargoyles in town.

Betty and Veroncia worry about why they're parents are so deadset about not playing the game. The coroner gives Betty information about a cold case that matches similar to Dilton's death. Betty pressures her mother with the file folder for the facts.

Alice agrees to tell Betty the truth. The episode turns into a flashback episode, with the teen versions of the parents played by all the younger actors.

Young Alice is a rebel and discovers that she's pregnant in the bathroom. Hermione comes to help her; she brushes off Sierra. Alice reveals the father is FP Jones.

Penelope, the hall monitor, bursts through the doors and insults Alice. Alice slaps her and the room descends into a fight.

The football team pushes FP to streak around school. Fred Andrews joins him; they both get detention as well, along with the girls.

The title sequence for Riverdale changes to a '90s-themed opening.

The bad girl Alice, the rebelling Catholic Hermione, the teacher's pet Penelope, the artist athlete Fred, the political animal Sierra, and the ladies man FP are placed in detention together. A quick clip shows FP and Alice hooking up together.

The teacher confiscates all their distractions and tells them that they need to write an essay or else they will get further detention. Alice digs her initials into the window frame with a knife.

Tom Keller drops off food for Sieera; they kiss. They're all surprised that they don't know much about each other. Sierra invites them all to a game of Secrets and Sins.

Sierra admits she's been secretly dating Tom because their parents are pressed about their ethnicities.

Hermione is dating Hiram. She's impressed by Hiram's determination and wants to leave Riverdale the first chance she gets.

Fred wants to stay in Riverdale. He might want to run for mayor one day; he's also going to take care of his sick dad. Sierra scoffs at the idea of being mayor.

FP reveals Alice lit a trash can on fire. Alice reveals FP's secret that he lives in the Southside at the trailer park. FP promised he would never hit his kid; his dad would beat him. He refused to join the Southside Serpents.

Penelope reveals that she grew up at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy orphanage until she was adopted by the Blossoms; they looked for red-headed children. She knows that they're grooming her to be Clifford's future wife. Her and Hermione fight when they put down each other's families.

Their Saturday detention is increased from one week to four. Slowly but surely, they start being friends; everyone adds their initials to the window frame.

Hermione breaks into the teacher's desk to search for their supplies. They find Gryphons and Gargoyles; Alice convinces them to play the game.

The goal of Gryphons and Gargoyles is to defeat the Gargoyle King to receive their prizes. Penelope becomes their Game Master who will lead them to ascend to the next level. Alice is the sorceress, Hermione is thief, Sierra is the siren, FP is the deadeye, and Fred is the radiant knight.

Penelope convinces everyone to do a mission off-board. She pairs FP/Hermione and Fred/Alice together to search for a gem around Riverdale High. Penelope wanted to create a bit of chaos.

FP almost kisses Hermione when they find the gem in the vending machine. Hermione pushes him away; she tells him to talk to Alice about their future.

Alice tells Fred that she's feeling lost. She feels her happiest playing Gryphons and Gargoyles; Fred comforts her. Fred is happiest playing the game too since he isn't bogged down taking care of his sick dad.

Alice and Fred kiss.

"The Midnight Club" was the name the group called themselves. They would sneak into Riverdale HIgh at night, dress up as the characters, and act out the game. Passions develop more between FP/Alice and Hermione/Fred.

The Midnight Club discover another group playing the game at school as well: Tom, Hiram, Darryl Doiley and Reggie's dad.

All members of the group receive invitations to the "Ascension Party" where they must compete in a challenge to get to Level 3. Hiram gives everyone Fizzle Rocks, a new drug. Alice didn't take the drug since she was pregnant.

Penelope and Darryl both admit they didn't set up the Ascension Party.

The Fred Heads are a band made up of Fred, Sierra, Alice, Hermione, and FP. They perform a song, "The Dream Warriors," perform their next part. Everyone is high on the Fizzle Rocks and the power of the game; everyone's inner beasts come out.

Alice is shocked by everyone's antics and throws up. She sees notes on the bathroom walls asking her to flip for her fate, along with two cups and a coin.

Alice sees someone dressed in the Gargoyle King costume. She runs away in fear. Principal Featherhead enters the building at night to investigate; she leaves the building.

Hermione reveals that Fred's dad died during the night while everyone was at the party. Principal Featherhead had gone missing.

Fred is heartbroken that he wasn't with his father during his last moments.

Penelope pressures everyone to keep their mouths shut so that they're not implicated.

Prinicipal Featherhead's body was locked in a janitor closet. The school discovers him when his body starts rotting and smell alerts them.

The group starts turning on each other when Alice wants to go to the cops about Featherhead's death. They realize someone had set them up with the chalices; someone tried to kill them with the challenge and the party.

The group agrees to a pact to keep their secret to the grave.They all separate and dispose of the pieces.

All members of the Midnight Club change their lives due to the affects of the loss. Fred sold his guitar and worked construction, Hermione went with Hiram, Sierra and Tom separated when he went to the military, Penelope agreed to stay with Clifford, FP joined the Southside Serpents, and Alice stopped being a bad girl. She starts dating Hal and became a preppy.

The Midnight Club members became strangers. Alice believes someone from the group set up the party and planned for someone to drink from the cups. Principal Featherhead was an unintentional casualty.

Alice begs Betty to never play the game; she begs her to swear on it. Betty investigates her mother's story to see if the markings were true. She finds the initials on the window frame.

Betty finds the two goblets in the Riverdale High trophy case. Betty finds Jughead, Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea, and Fangs playing Gryphons and Gargoyles in the bunker.

Jughead has ascended to Level 3. He's become obsessed with game; he wants to defeat the Gargoyle King.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Veronica: Newsflash, Mom: banning something only makes it more interesting
[Veronica hands Betty a mug]
Betty: Thank you.
Veronica: Now this stupid game is literally all anyone is talking about.
Betty: You’re not playing are you, V?
Veronica: B, you don’t make Vibe’s 20 under 20 by prancing around in the woods dancing in a deer carcass.

Alice: Forsyth Pendleton Jones Jr. He was the BMOC. An all-American athlete, a “stud muffin” as we used to say. He was different back then, Betty. Trying to be something different than what he was, but still trouble.
[Flashback returns to present]
Alice: I was as tough as nails, but around FP, silly putty. Even in detention with the secret growing inside me, I hated him … but I wanted him.
[Betty waves for her mom to stop]
Betty: Ugh, okay, okay, Mom. I get it.