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During the summer before junior year, Veronica is working at the Chock'lit Shoppe, and Betty is a legal aid intern.

Ms. Wright, the Riverdale prosecutor, makes her case as to why Archie committed the murder. Mary Andrews and Sierra McCoy are the defense attornies; Mary makes her closing statements for Archie's case. Sierra thinks Archie's odds are 50/50.

Veronica, Betty, and Jughead comfort Archie before the results. Archie wants to take them back to the Sweetwater swimming hole.

The judge puts the case on hold until after Labor Day; the jury has been sequestered. Hiram teases Archie as he leaves the courtroom, and Fred punches him.

Jughead asks Dilton about the game he's playing, but Ben tells him to shut up.

Jughead, Veronica, and Betty want to go searching for evidence, but Archie decides against this. He wants to use his potential remaining weekend for summer fun.

Cheryl comes back to the diner after a summer riding motorcycles with Toni. She invites them for an end of summer pool party.

Alice wants Betty to spend more time at home. Betty declines; she's creeped out by Edgar's teachings from the Farm.

Fred, Archie, and Betty fix the old jalopy.

Veronica begs Hiram to save Archie since she knows he's causing all this. He says that this is all out of his control.

The Southside Serpents are camping out in tents; Jughead sends Sweet Pea and Fangs out to do recon on the Ghoulies. FP gives Archie a Serpent tattoo for protection in juvie.

Alice wants Betty to burn her journals based on Edgar's advice. Betty doesn't like the new spiritualist Alice. Polly has information about Betty.

Josie and Sweet Pea are having a summer fling. Josie wants to break it off before school starts.

Kevin wants to make a pact with Moose to lose their virginities by Halloween. Moose isn't exactly excited.

Archie asks Reggie to help Jughead keep the peace when he's away. Cheryl is sad that she won't be able to help Archie.

Josie tells Veronica where to find the sequestered jury members. She plans to convince a jury member of Archie's innocence.

Fangs warns Jughead that the Ghoulies kidnapped Hotdog. The group, including Betty, plans to sneak into Ghoulies territory.

Sheriff Maneda stops Veronica from jury tampering at the hotel. Hermione tells Veronica she will protect her, but she can't do much.

The Ghoulies ambush Jughead while he's saving Hotdog. Penny demands the Southside Serpents jacket off his back, but he declines. Cheryl protects him with an arrow and Penny Peabody declares war on the Northside.

Archie has a nightmare about Cassidy's murder.

Polly reveals that Betty's doctor, Dr. Glass, doesn't exist and that she's been forging her own Adderall prescriptions.

Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Archie drive to the Sweetwater swimming hole to swim. Jughead thinks Archie should run, but Archie is going to stay because he feels responsible.

Betty decides she won't take Adderall anymore, she'll see a therapist, and she'll discuss her issues about her father. Jughead will support her.

Archie doesn't want Veronica to give up her life to wait for him, but she rejects the break-up.

Dilton Doily warns Jughead of the "Gargoyle King." Jughead doesn't believe him and lets him stay at his house to rest.

The jury comes back with a deadlocked 6/6 vote. Instead of causing a mistrial, the prosecutor offers Archie a lesser charge of manslaughter. Archie accepts the deal against the better judgment of his loved ones and the court.

Mary promises to write the appeal. Fred, FP, and Sheriff Keller swear to prove that Hiram Lodge was responsible.

Hiram Lodge tells Veronica that he hurt Archie to punish her for going against him.

Jughead finds a mysterious map at home with markings to a red forest. Dilton has disappeared, but he finds him and Ben in the forest in front of a strange ritual shrine. Ben convulses from the liquid.

Betty arrives home to see Polly and Alice raising the twins over the fire. As the twins mysterious float, Betty drops to the ground with a seizure.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Cheryl: Greeting chums! I wanted to let you know that after the three *amazing* months I just had with Toni riding our motorcycles cross-country, we’re celebrating with an epic end-of-summer pool party at Thornhill. And you’re all invited! Of course, given the fact that Archie will most likely walking the green mile while the rest of us are walking the stage at graduation, I understand if you’re not up for it. Invite whoever you want, but give them fair warning: I’m in the mood for some hell-raising. Tootles!

Veronica: Are you happy now, Daddy? It all worked out, just like you planned. Archie didn’t play by your rules. He threatened you, so you punished him. You destroyed his life.
Hiram: You think I did all this to hurt Archie, Miha? Because he threatened me? No, it’s because you betrayed me.
[Hiram walks closer]
Hiram: This is your punishment. You chose that boy over blood. My own daughter.
Veronica: You don’t have a daughter anymore.