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During Jughead's voiceover, he explains that Archie started getting better after the funeral.

Archie convinces Mad Dog to get his diploma at Riverdale High. He also wants Mad Dog to tryout for the football team.

Charles tells Betty that they're still looking for Alice.

Veronica refuses to testify for her father's and mother's criminal cases. She gives a reporter no comment. Cheryl shows Jason an outfit she wants to wear for her first day back.

The group reminisces over it being their final year at Riverdale High. The couples split off to hook up separately. They forget to set their alarm and end up late to school. Mr. Honey, the new principal, chastises them for being late.

The coach agrees to let Mad Dog to tryout for the team. Reggie looks incredulous.

Kevin asks Betty to join the Blue & Gold again; he asks for her forgiveness since he's gone to work on himself over the summer.

Mr. Chipping, a teacher at Stonewall Prep, offers Jughead a chance to learn at the new school after reading his entry in the writing contest. Jughead had lost that contest.

Reporters swarm into the school after Hiram's arrest is made public. Veronica pulls the fire alarm as a diversion.

Mr. Honey cancels the back-to-school dance. Cheryl and Toni give him a cold stare.

Reggie misses a play during his football practice. Marty Mantle chastises him for looking like a fool against Mad Dog; Archie overhears the remark.

Veronica and the River Vixens stop a kid from taking photos of Veronica in the locker room.

Reggie tries picking a fight with Mad Dog (aka. Monroe) about his time in juvie. Archie breaks up the dispute.

FP forces Jughead to take a tour of the prep school after Mr. Chipping visits his house.

Betty reads classified reports from Charles that Kevin has been in contact with Fangs. Charles and Betty come up with a plan to plant a lie to Kevin in hopes of luring Fangs out.

Cheryl decides to host the back-to-school party at her house.

Brett gives Jughead and Betty a tour of the campus. Jughead agrees to sit in on a class while Betty declines.

A Riverdale tabloid blog (Rumordale) claims that Veronica is responsible for all the crimes her father committed. Mr. Honey encourages her to take a sabbatical from school.

Betty tells Kevin that the FBI has a witness who will testify against The Farm. Kevin lures Fangs out of hiding to tell him the information, but Fangs won't be with Kevin until he can provide the identity of the witness. After Fangs leaves, Betty ambushes Kevin.

Veronica asks Reggie if he talked to the tabloids. Reggie didn't tell anyone; he also had a black eye behind his sunglasses.

Charles and Betty interrogate Kevin. Kevin says he missed Fangs and wanted to be with him since he's all that he has. Charles doesn't believe Kevin will be a good informant.

After Marty yells at Reggie on the football field, Archie stands up for his friend. However, Reggie and Archie get into an argument.

Jughead attends the lecture at the prep school. He leaves the class speechless with his insight.

Veronica, while in disguise, visits Hiram at the prison. He admits to talking about her to the world.

At her back-to-school party, Cheryl makes a promise to get rid of Mr. Honey.

Cheryl stops Reggie from breaking into her crypt.

Betty confides in Kevin the truth about Alice's undercover role within The Farm. He agrees to meet up with Fangs and lie to her.

The police arrive to break up Cheryl's party. FP reveals that Mr. Honey made the complaint to end the party.

Reggie tells Archie that his father has been hitting him since for as long as he can remember. Reggie has always been jealous of Archie's relationship with Fred. Reggie won't let Archie do anything to step in with the abuse.

Reggie hits his father's car with a bat as retaliation.

During their literature class, Betty begs Jughead to take the scholarship to Stonewall Prep. He agrees to go.

Reggie says he and his dad talked about their relationship. It's still problematic, but he will have space.

Veronica performs "All That Jazz" at La Bonne Nuit. She gives her only statement about her parents' cases at the club: she says that she did everything under duress by Hiram Lodge. She won't side for either of them during their trials.

Veronica plans to apply for universities under her mother's maiden name, "Gomez."

A beehive is placed within Mr. Honey's office.

Kevin reveals that his information brought him to Edgar's whereabouts. The Farm's new location is armed with guns and security guards.

FP reveals that his father went to Stonewall Prep for a few months before dropping out. He doesn't know why his father left.

A flash-forward shows a search party looking for Jughead in the rain during spring break.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Your name may be “Honey,” but I will always be the queen bee. You have no power over me.
[Cheryl hair-flips and walks away]


Jughead: Hey, you Forsythe?
Jughead: Yea.
Brett: Brett Weston Wallis. Mr. Chipping asked me to roll out the red carpet.
[Brett shakes hands with Jughead]
Jughead: You can just call me Jughead.
Brett: I prefer Forsythe. Who’s your friend?
Betty: Betty Cooper.
[Brett shakes hands with Betty and eyes her up and down]
Brett: Cute. Very … Sweet Valley High.