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Betty, Jughead, and Charles watch the masked tape of Clifford killing Jason. Jughead thinks the creator is an author paying homage to the murders. Charles and Jughead plan to look through the other tapes.

Mr. Honey cancels the yearbook because Betty delivered the proof two days late. Betty had a solution to get the books printed, but Mr. Honey refuses to review the book.

Jughead gets a call from the University of Iowa that they're considering him for fall admission.

The group recounts that they're all banned from prom for all their previous instances, except for Jughead and Archie. They joke about going to prom together.

Betty theorizes a plan for the group to scare Mr. Honey out of town. The group would wear the Stonewall Prep bunny masks to knock him out, place him in Reggie's car, and bring him to Veronica's cabin in the woods. The group would then waterboard him with maple syrup.

Reggie decides they should all do a classic senior prank against Mr. Honey instead. Mr. Honey gets superglued to his chair and phone.

Jughead decides to write a story called, "Killing Mr. Honey" as his submission essay. The story is the make-believe plan if the group had kidnapped Mr. Honey.

In the story world, the kidnapping plan unravels when Mr. Honey correctly deduces who kidnapped him. Reggie reveals his mask and starts hitting Mr. Honey.

Mr. Honey tries to manipulate Cheryl into letting him free. Cheryl refuses but would agree if Mr. Honey recorded a video allowing them to attend prom. Honey counteroffers, but his deal is rejected.

Mr. Honey reveals that Ms. Appleyard quit the cheerleading team.

The FBI found another masked tape. This new tape is of Midge's body found on-stage during Carrie: The Musical.

In the story, Archie and Veronica find Mr. Honey dead in the cabin.

Mr. Honey cancels the Prom as retribution for being pranked. Archie and Kevin are revealed to have helped Reggie in the prank. The group looks to Betty for a plan to get Mr. Honey to bring back the Prom.

In the story, the group freaks out about Mr. Honey being dead. Everyone, with exception to Reggie, has experience with hiding a dead body.

Betty discovers that Mr. Honey has canceled prom at every school he's attended. All the kids go to their parents and guardians for help in fighting back against Mr. Honey. They make their case and indicate every damning piece of evidence, but even after Mr. Honey stands his ground, he is forced to conduct a private meeting with the parents and Cheryl in his office.

Jughead finishes his story.

Prom is reinstated at Riverdale High. The parents give a toast to recognize and honor their kids.

In the story, the group brainstorms an idea for prom, but Reggie starts freaking out about hiding a dead body. Kevin informs them that adventure scouts found Honey's glasses in the woods and they're searching for him.

A new VHS tape was delivered to the high school. The camera went through every single room of the school. In response, Mr. Honey cancels the prom and every extracurricular activity at school. Betty and Jughead think someone made a fake tape, but Charles needs proof that someone faked it or else Mr. Honey has a right to cancel everything.

In the story, Reggie starts freaking out when a few football players talk badly about Mr. Honey. Archie tries to shut him up.

While reviewing the VHS tape, Betty sees a reflection of someone recording the footage. The reflection looks like Mr. Honey.

Betty, Jughead, and Charles confront Mr. Honey about the videotape he created. Mr. Honey claims he did it to protect the kids and prepare them for life outside of Riverdale, but they don't believe him. They've sent tapes to the school board and FBI.

In Jughead's story, Reggie is dead. Cheryl cries hysterically and the others try to calm her down; it's revealed that the group had cut his car brakes. Veronica is mad at Archie for wanting to play by the lies.

Jughead plans to change all the names in his story before he submits the story to the University of Iowa. Jughead hasn't figured out the ending to his story.

Mr. Honey has quit Riverdale High; he's going to be the new headmaster at Stonewall Prep. His new paycheck at Stonewall Prep is triple his current salary.

Ms. Bell, the receptionist, tells the group that Mr. Honey was the best principal that Riverdale High has ever had. Mr. Honey helped low-income students get full-ride scholarships, prevented murders under his watch, got more kids accepted into universities, and raised the school's GPA. Mr. Honey even had a recommendation letter for Jughead.

Jughead reads the letter from Mr. Honey; it inspires him to change his story. In the story, Jughead rewrites the story to have Archie and Veronica call an ambulance to bring Mr. Honey to a hospital before he dies.

Betty asks Jughead what was in the letter, but before he does, a new VHS tape was delivered to their house. The tape shows footage of the cabin where Hermione killed Sheriff Mineta.

Jughead and Betty find a tape in a VCR waiting for them. A voiceover reveals Mr. Honey giving a positive recommendation for Jughead to the University of Iowa. The tape is of several masked individuals wearing masks of the group (Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Reggie, and Cheryl) stabbing a masked Mr. Honey to death.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Betty: You’re a copycat, Mr. Honey, and not a very good one. Using the Voyeur’s M.O. to ramp up your personal feud against me and my friends…
Mr. Honey: Feud? I’ve been trying to protect you.
Jughead: The only person we need protection from is you, Mr. Honey. You’re deranged.
Mr. Honey: I was trying to help you. To prepare you for a life outside of Riverdale.

Cheryl: Poor Ms. Bell, you’ve fallen under the monster’s spell.
Ms. Bell: Do any of you have any idea what that man has done for this school? This year alone, he personally arranged for six low-income students to go to colleges on full scholarships.
Jughead: Wait, really?
Ms. Bell: Also, this year’s average GPA is higher than it’s been in decades, and more seniors will be going to college since 1956. Oh, and of course, no students have died under his watch.