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The episode starts off with an Agatha Christie quote from Jughead.

Betty gets a call from Yale. They have offered her a spot since a spot opened up.

Alice begins recording a documentary about Jughead's murder and the town's darkness; Kevin is working the camera for her. Alice interviews Nana Blossom for the history of the town.

Cheryl comforts Betty and begs her not to kill herself. Cheryl starts a suicide watch on Betty and follows her throughout the day.

Betty packs up Jughead's items from his room; she pockets his Quill & Skull pin. Brett chastises Betty and says her tears are fake.

Archie and Veronica are fooling around in her room. Hermosa barges into the room and reveals that she knows Veronica is under investigation from the university.

Alice interviews FP about Jughead's murder; he says he has a new lead. FP's lead (the pin) brings him to Donna. Donna cries and makes up a story about seeing Betty with the bloody rock over Jughead's dead body. She also pins it on Veronica and Archie.

FP brings in Archie, Betty, and Veronica in for questioning. He charges them for Jughead's murder.

Alice is not allowed into the interrogation room. FP questions Veronica; Hiram denies she was involved. Mary steps in as his lawyer to stop all lines of questioning. Alice thinks Betty might be involved and wants her to tell her the truth; Betty keeps standing her ground that the Stonewall kids did it.

The rock with the fake blood freed Betty, Archie, and Veronica.

After hearing the news, Donna freaks to Brett about the trio being released. She reveals that Jonathan smeared the rock with Jughead's blood. Donna calls Betty to state two theories: either FP is helping protect the trio or Jughead is alive all along. Donna will stop at nothing to control the narrative and convict Betty.

Betty wants to hold a wake for Jughead. FP reluctantly agrees.

Hermosa gives Veronica a fake passport and plane ticket to run away from town. Veronica rips it up.

No one attends the training session at Archie's gym; everyone believes he killed Jughead. Archie denies any involvement.

Alice interviews Toni and Cheryl. Toni talks about her one hookup with Jughead and Cheryl apologizes for calling him a "hobo" that one time.

During the wake, Brett, Donna, and Joan attend; Donna questions if Jughead is in the casket. FP gives a eulogy and starts crying. Betty reads a passage from one of Jughead's favorite Sherlock Holmes short stories.

Hiram wants FP to take a leave of absence since he's too close to the case. FP gets mad and quits instead.

Donna questions Jellybean if Jughead is truly dead. When Betty tries to make her leave, Brett rushes to open the casket. Everyone kicks them out of the wake.

Hermosa does some investigating and finds out that Betty, Veronica, and Archie all had different stories after the Ides of March party. She threatens to expose the truth unless Veronica tells her the truth.

Kevin asks Betty if Jughead is truly alive; everyone in town is asking about it. He reveals that Donna is spreading the story.

Alice interviews Kevin about the Jughead rumors and his friendship with Jughead.

Alice interviews Reggie about the Jughead rumors. Reggie is mad that Jughead pulled off the most epic senior prank if he did fake his own death.

Betty doesn't think she can keep going. Archie comforts her in the diner; Cheryl overhears them talking.

Betty feels overwhelmed when she sees Jughead's locker memorial in Riverdale High. Betty and Archie start making out in one of the classrooms. Cheryl snaps photos of them kissing and sends it to Toni, Kevin, Reggie, and the rest of the school.

Veronica confronts Archie about the kiss. Betty reveals she started the kiss and Veronica tells them both off.

Alice interviews Kevin about the rumor of Archie and Betty dating. They talk "Bughead" and "Barchie." Kevin is convinced Jughead is dead because Betty wouldn't be dating Archie if he still was.

Donna visits Betty at Riverdale High and reaffirms her theory that Jughead is alive. Donna reveals she saw her sex tape with Jughead.

Alice interviews Betty about Donna following her and fixating on the Jughead theory. Betty reveals she would head to Dilton's bunker each night to have alone time with Archie.

Betty tells Alice something off-camera. Alice refuses to spill the information on camera.

Betty, Veronica, and Archie faked the whole betrayal. Archie and Veronica are still together; Archie reassures Veronica that she is his endgame.

Jughead is alive. The Stonewall kids tried to kill him, but his beanie helped to cushion the blow and saved his life. Betty knitted a new hat for him.

Betty reveals that Mary, Alice, FP, Jellybean, Dr. Curtle Jr., and Charles know the truth.

Betty reveals that Jughead is the man for her.

Alice interviews Veronica. Veronica reveals she knew the plan and didn't doubt them.

Betty and Archie start texting about their performance. A few sparks form during their texts.

Alice interviews Betty, Archie, and Veronica about their plan to get Stonewall Prep to admit the truth. Betty is confident that the Stonewall Kids will start fracturing.

Donna is confident that Jughead is still alive; she tells Brett about her theories. Brett doubts her, but she slaps him and reminds him she's in charge. Donna reveals that she killed Jonathan to silence him.

Hermosa did some investigating for Veronica about the Stonewall Prep kids. The investigation reveals a truth about Donna. Jughead thinks he has discovered the way to takedown the Stonewall Prep kids.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Alice: Though, I understand you made quite the public spectacle over the Archie and Betty romance?
Veronica: Hmmm, I think you mean I gave an amazing performance?
Alice: But weren’t you afraid that something might actually spark between them?
Veronica: I trust Archie, and I trust Betty. To be honest, the thought never crossed my mind.

Donna: In case you’ve forgotten, I’m the brains of this operation. We still have a job to finish and a meddlesome girlfriend to pin this on.
Brett: Yessir.
Donna: And if you ever undermine me again, you will go the way of Jonathan, may he rest in peace. And that’s a fact.