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Betty is prepping her team to defeat Stonewall Prep during the quiz show.

Archie gives Frank a toolbelt that belonged to Fred. Frank is starting as the new foreman.

Betty finds out that Jughead got accepted into Yale by accident. She says that she supports him, but she's mad that Brett got accepted.

Veronica and Cheryl ask Dr. Baker, the science teacher at Riverdale High, to analyze their drink to make sure it's different than Lodge Rum.

The publisher wants Jughead to come up with a new mystery for the Baxter Brothers book. The publisher wants to go dark and edgy; something more along the lines of a serial killer. Jughead asks Charles for help in his research.

Tom Keller gives Archie hesitation about hiring on Frank as the foreman.

Riverdale High defeats Seaside in the quiz show. They will be facing Stonewall Prep in the finals. Betty asks Charles to do some digging about Brett's secrets, as well as why she wasn't accepted into Yale.

After Jughead fails in his initial book pitches, he pitches a story similar to The Black Hood killing spree. The publisher loves the idea and approves it.

Tom Keller warns Archie that the construction business wasn't able to pay the holiday bonuses. Frank stopped the workday early to share memories with the staff.

Veronica and Cheryl successfully create a drink that Hiram can't sue them for or steal. They have the patent on maple-flavored rum.

Betty discovers that Brett's father paid someone to take the PSATs for him and paid to get him into Stonewall Prep. Brett spills that Jughead is writing a book about The Book Hood; Betty is pissed.

Veronica wants to reopen La Bonne Nuit as a dance club. She wants to secretly hand out the rum to grow their business.

Fangs asks Kevin to go on a date together, but Kevin rejects him. Kevin goes to hook up with a Grindr date.

Betty and Jughead argue about the Baxter Brothers book and why Jughead got accepted into Yale.

Tom secured a deal to work with the mayor on a new drainage system. Archie rejects the idea since he didn't want to work with Hiram. Frank pushes back on Tom to drop it.

Charles finds out that Yale didn't accept Betty because her father is The Black Hood. Betty, in a fit of rage, destroys her father's tombstone as revenge. Alice comforts Betty.

Brett revealed the truth about Jughead because he wanted to get under Betty's skin before the big match.

Carlos, a worker on the crew, tells Archie that people are upset about them turning down the government job. Carlos tells him to work on the construction site more often.

Kevin's date asks him if he wants to be tickled on camera for $5,000. Kevin agrees and waits to find out who the guy is.

Jughead comforts Betty about the news. He wants to help her claim a big victory.

La Bonne Nuit's first night as a dance club is a success. Hiram and the police raid the place with a warrant to stop all the selling of alcohol. Hiram smashes all the bottles with a sledgehammer.

Kevin discovers that his Grindr date has a website dedicated to a tickling fetish. Terry thinks Kevin could make a lot of money and a dedicated following.

Cheryl has an idea to move the rum business to a new location: the old Maple Club. They contact everyone from Penelope's client list to attend the club.

Cheryl wants to offer Penelope the job of managing the new Maple Club.

Tom Keller finds out Frank stole $200 from the petty cash. Tom and Frank get into a fight; Tom quits and tells the others to quit. Frank says he stole the money to gamble and get the funds for the bonuses.

Jughead brings Mr. Brooks, the Yale recruiter to the quiz show. Alice left Betty the list of questions and answers in the green room for her.

Riverdale and Stonewall head to the tiebreaker round. Riverdale High wins the quiz show. Betty didn't use the cheat sheet, but Brett finds the cheat sheet and thinks she cheated.

Alice tried to convince the school that Betty wasn't involved; she was placed on leave from the news station. Someone went into the trash to piece together the destroyed answers.

Stonewall Prep was given the win.

Kevin asks Fangs to do the fetish videos with him. He doesn't want to get back together with Fangs.

Archie asks Tom to return and be the foreman, but he turns down the offer.

Cheryl and Veronica have the Maple Club up and running. Penelope is forced to wear a mask and ankle monitor.

Jughead challenges Brett to a duel.

In the flash-forward, Archie and Betty are getting a bit closer at the diner.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Tom Keller: Hey there, Arch. I would’ve appreciated a heads-up if I was being replaced.
Archie: I know, Mr. Keller. I’m sorry, it happened fast. Frank has a ton of experience and I think the crew is going to love him.
Tom: I gotta be honest, Arch. I know about your uncle. He’s been trouble since the day he was born. I must’ve arrested him a half-dozen times when I was sheriff.
Archie: That was then. My dad believed in second chances and so do I.

Mr. Dupont: Forsythe’s best work stems from his personal experiences. Might I suggest you start there?
Jughead: What about a dark and ominous force that threatens the town of Seaport? An obsessed killer who is looking to expose the hypocrisy and sins of his neighbors. The Baxter Brothers discover that man unleashing his righteous rage is the father of Bobby Baxter’s girlfriend, Tracy True.
Publisher: This sounds promising. What’s the name of the killer?
Jughead: “The Brown Hood.” If you give me a little time, I can come up with…
Publisher: No! We like this. If you ask me, this sounds like a million-dollar idea.