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The VHS tape is a 6-hour recording of Jughead's house. Other people received similar copies of their houses being recorded, like Cheryl/Toni, Archie, and Veronica.

Alice and FP have restarted their romance. Betty and Alice are living with Jughead and his family.

Betty has decided to hand out candy during Halloween. Alice pushes her to spend time with Charles.

Toni is pushing Cheryl to bury Jason before Halloween is over. Cheryl reluctantly agrees.

Moose is considering leaving school and joining the army. He's being teased at Stonewall Prep.

Two kids dressed up as the Gargoyle King and The Black Hood at Riverdale High.

Kevin agrees to prank Mr. Honey's office with Reggie after he got a week's detention.

Monroe and Archie plan to host a Halloween party and the community center. Veronica's friend Katy Keene will design costumes for people.

Mr. Chipping tells Jughead the story of the "Stonewall Four." A group of kids who disappeared and were never heard from again, but in actuality, he says they merely dropped out.

Toni and Cheryl bury Jason's body. A mysterious puppet appears on the couch; Cheryl thinks Jason's spirit left it behind.

Donna drugs Jughead's drink and he passes out. The other members of the literature salon knocked him out.

Archie is dressed as "Pureheart the Powerful" and Monroe is "The Shield" in their costumes. Betty is dressed as Laurie Strode from Halloween, while Jellybean is Rosie the Riveter.

Jughead wakes up trapped in a coffin.

Betty receives a call from "The Black Hood."

Veronica allows a trucker to come into the diner for a last-minute coffee and meal.

Dodger and his crew try to crash the party at the community center. He demands Eddie, a kid from the street, to return to work, but Archie and Monroe stand up to them.

Toni is dressed as Harley Quinn and Cheryl as Poison Ivy. Before they're able to hookup, the babies start crying. They find the puppet has returned to the chapel.

Mr. Honey crashes Kevin and Reggie's prank.

Jellybean plays a prank on Betty that she's been murdered. The Black Hood calls again to say he's alive and that he's calling from inside the house. Charles arrives to deliver Betty pizza.

Charles agrees to help Betty trace the prank caller.

Mr. Honey manipulates Kevin into spilling the truth that it was Reggie's idea to prank his office. He threatens Kevin's future at NYU in the theater program.

Dodger threatens Archie with a gun when he demands the criminals leave the community center area. Archie calls FP and plans to keep the party going until the police arrive.

Cheryl, Toni, and Nana Rose hold a seance to contact Jason's spirit. Nana Rose tells them that "Julian" is the voice behind the ouija board. Julian is the original triplet who got killed when Cheryl ate him. Toni thinks it's a manipulative move by Nana Rose and Cheryl to have Jason's body retrieved.

Mr. Honey confronts Reggie about his father's abuse. He demands Reggie clean up his office.

Charles reveals that Alice wanted to go undercover and offered the idea. Charles traces the call and it's coming from Shadygrove Institution where Polly is staying. It turns out that Polly had been prank-calling Betty and that she was still a devoted follower of Edgar. Betty cuts all ties with Polly.

Veronica cooks food for the trucker, but an emergency broadcast featuring Alice reveals that "Michael" is an escaped patient and serial killer from Shadygrove Mental Institution. Veronica takes off and hides in La Bonne Nuit. She throws alcohol on the serial killer, lights him on fire, and runs away.

Eddie is shot outside the community center.

Charles thinks Betty would be a perfect candidate for the FBI's training program. She agrees to consider the program.

Reggie finds his car vandalized. It's insinuated that Mr. Honey did it.

Cheryl has dug up Jason; she's in a better and happier mindset.

Mr. Chipping frees Jughead from the coffin in the salon. He says that he wasn't involved. The salon says that Jughead now belongs to the school; their prank was a tradition.

Eddie refuses to snitch on Dodger.

Archie thinks about fighting crime in a costume and mask.

Toni finds the puppet back on her bed. Cheryl admits that she wasn't involved in digging it up; Nana Rose is adamant that it was Julian.

Jughead finds his room empty. He is positive that Moose didn't just leave; he is sure the salon group pushed him out.

Charles is eavesdropping on Betty's phone conversation with Jughead.

A flash-forward shows FP and Betty identifying Jughead's dead body in the morgue.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Moose: I mean, I’m 18, and the army doesn’t care who you are and where you’re from.
Jughead: Dude, what Brett did, spreading that article about you was a real scumbag move. But you can’t let him win. He wants you to leave. Hell, he wants me to leave. Let’s not give him that satisfaction, okay?
Moose: Easy for you to say, Jug. They’re not calling you, “Gargoyle Boy.”

Jughead: [Heavy breathing] What? Where?
Mr. Chipping: I’m always amazed at my students’ antics. How they get extra … creative at Halloween.
Jughead: Creative?
Mr. Chipping: Don’t take it personally, Jughead. It’s a Stonewall Prep tradition.
Donna: It means you belong now.
Jughead: Belong to what?
Brett: To us, of course.