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Archie (as the vigilante) starts turning kids toward the side of good; he successfully gets one kid to work at Pop's Chock' lit Shoppe.

Jughead has writer's block for his Baxter Brothers contest.

Cheryl has a nightmare of the Blossoms trying to trade her body for Julian.

Archie finds the gym vandalized. He asks FP for help in trying to get Dodger arrested.

Betty's investigation into Charles turns up nothing.

Hiram wants to bury the hatchet between him, Hermosa, Hermione, and Veronica. Hiram wants to get back in the rum business; Hermosa is staying in town to set up the business. Hermione is working as a hostess at La Bonne Nuit.

FP found nothing at the arcade on Dodger to arrest him.

Jughead analyzes the Baxter Brothers books and determines that the writer of the first book was not the same as the other ghostwriters/books. He thinks his grandfather wrote the first book and that the series might've been stolen from him.

Betty visits Chic in prison. Chic reveals that he used to date Charles and that when they were using jingle-jangle together, Charles killed someone with scissors.

Cheryl places the Julian puppet within a salt circle to keep his spirit trapped. She agrees to go to school to protect Nana Rose.

Betty doesn't trust Charles. She wants him to use a polygraph machine.

Eddie and Toby reveal they're with Dodger to get free pizza. Archie wants to build an arcade to get the kids away from Dodger.

Cheryl gets the news that Dagwood ate a ping pong ball. She finds the Julian puppet in Jason's dead arm. She finds her Aunt Cricket and Uncle Bedford in her house; she faints.

Hermosa and Hiram come to La Bonne Nuit without a reservation. Hermione places them at the worst table.

During the polygraph, he reveals that Chic was the one who killed the guy. He also admits that he is in a narcotics anonymous meeting.

Hiram pays his respects to Archie about Fred. He wants to write Archie a cheque, but Archie refuses.

Cheryl's family wants to sell the maple business since it's not making money. She'll think about it, but she changes her mind after her family asks to light a candle in the chapel.

Hiram tries to seduce Hermione and get back together. They hook up.

All of Jughead's grandfather's writings have disappeared at Stonewall Prep.

Veronica brings arcade games and free pizza at the El Royale.

Cheryl and Toni place the Julian puppet within a tub to exorcise the spirit.

Hermione asks Hiram to return to the penthouse.

Jughead and Betty find old writings of Forsythe the First at Riverdale High.

Chic reports the crime of the Shady Man in hopes of getting Alice arrested. Charles and FP jump in to clean up the mess.

Dodger deduces that Archie is the masked vigilante.

FP and Charles got rid of the dead body.

Jughead confronts Mr. Dupont about him stealing the Baxter Brothers series from his grandfather. Mr. Dupont disrespects Jughead's entire family and threatens to get Jughead kicked out of Stonewall Prep.

Hermosa tells Veronica that Hiram and Hermione are renewing their vows. She wants Veronica to attend.

Cheryl's family wants to have her label as unfit so that they can steal the business and grounds.

Mr. Chipping agrees to help Jughead prove that his grandfather wrote the Baxter Brothers series.

Archie finds a knife outside his door. Dodger and his crew drive-by shoot into the house.

Veronica refuses to attend the vow renewals.

Hiram refuses to help Archie in getting rid of Dodger.

Mr. Chipping apologizes to Jughead for not being able to help. He jumps out of a window. As Jughead calls for help, none of the Salon members rise.

Uncle Bedford finds Jason's body in the chapel. As he hurts Cheryl and threatens to send her away, Toni hits him over the head. His body crumples to the ground and he's bleeding.

Charles is secretly still in a relationship with Chic and working together to fool the family.

Aunt Cricket will get a warrant to search Thistlehouse since Bedford never returned home.

Archie and Reggie find Dodger bruised and beaten in a rug.

Mr. Dupont becomes the new teacher of the Salon.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Cheryl: What … what are you all doing here?
Penelope: Julian needs a body, Cheryl. So, we’re giving him yours!
[Cheryl screams]

Hiram: I want to come home.
Hermione: You don’t live here anymore. Just … stop. Veronica and I are finally free of you.
Hiram: Is that what freedom looks like? Playing hostess at a teenager’s gin joint.
[Hiram takes off his shirt]
Hiram: Let me back in. You won’t have to work another day ever again. You’ll be my wife again.
Hermione: Over my dead body.
Hiram: That can be arranged.
[Hermione slaps Hiram]
Hiram: Was that foreplay or punishment?