Becoming a Kingpin - Riverdale
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Hiram wakes up and starts working out in the morning. Jughead's voiceover talks about people knowing little about him, the question of why he collects lost souls, and why he wants to destroy Riverdale.

Reggie's father hassles him about leaving the dealership for a meeting.

Reggie pays off his father's debt to Hiram; he asks his father to be clear and for him to get a better job within Hiram's company. Hiram agrees, but only if Reggie secretly gets him a ghost gun that no one can track him. Reggie agrees to the deal.

Reggie helps his father sell a car, but Marty is angry that Reggie jumped in. Reggie tells him that the debt is paid and he's still working for Hiram; Marty wanted Reggie to become partners in the dealership.

Marty visits Hiram to beg him to leave Reggie, but Hiram disagrees. Reggie delivers the ghost gun to Hiram; he tells Reggie to clean up. Reggie confronts Marty and tells him that he's done with him.

A flashback to 1988 in NYC is shown of Hiram's father shining the shoes of an executive. Instead of paying, the executive gives him a piece of palladium and tells him of there being a treasure trove in Riverdale.

Hiram reveals that his family moved to Riverdale, his dad got a job at the mine for palladium, but an accident caused the mine to shut down. No palladium was found. His mother got a job at the diner.

As a kid, Hiram helped his father with the shoeshine business in Riverdale. A mobster offered Hiram a job.

A teen Hermione rejects going on a date with Hiram; her mother forbade her from doing it since Hiram worked as a shoeshine attendant. Due to this, Hiram visits the mobster for a job; Hiram is given a job to make a delivery.

During the delivery, a criminal made racist comments against Hiram. He does nothing, but Vito tells Hiram he needs to go with the flow. Hiram keeps working for Vito.

Hermione agrees to go out with Hiram; they have dinner at Pop Tate's diner. They talk about their lives, dreams, and wanting to get out of Riverdale. Hiram is arrested by the police and asked about his deliveries. Hermione goes to Vito to pay his bail at the police station.

Vito brings Hiram into the inner circle for collections; Vito tells him to marry Hermione for her coming to help. Vito gives Hiram a car as a gift.

Hiram plans to change his name; Hermione convinces him to change his last name to Lodge. They kiss in his car.

Hiram makes his name change official. After Marty Mantle makes comments in class, he beats up Marty and his friends.

Hiram's father Javier yells at him for working for the mobster. Hiram chastises his father for not providing for their family.

Javier visits Vito to force him to stop letting Hiram work with him. After threatening to call the police, Vito tells Javier he'd think about it. The next day, Vito's men do a driveby shooting, which results in Javier's death.

Alice Smith and Penelope Blossom make comments about Hiram during his father's wake. Hermione defends Hiram and chastises her friends. Vito attends the wake and offers a job to Hiram if he ever wants to take it.

Hiram visits the restaurant and kills Vito's three goons because he believes that Vito ordered a hit on Javier. Hiram reveals that Vito skipped town out of fear of being murdered too.

Hiram took over the criminal business in Riverdale. He and Hermione left Riverdale for New York City after Veronica was just born.

Hiram reveals that he came back to Riverdale to dig up the Palladium that was under his prison/Southside High. The mini only yielded small results, but he wants the bigger source under the Blossom maple groves.

Reggie is impressed by Hiram's story. Hiram asks Reggie to drive him to a nursing home to visit Vito, who is on life support.

Hiram kills Vito.

Hiram fires Reggie and releases him from other work. He encourages Reggie to go back to Marty and fix things between them.

Marty apologizes to Reggie for his behavior. Reggie agrees to work with Marty if his father will listen to him and treat him with respect. Marty agrees.

Hiram watches an episode of The Real Housewives of New York with Hermione and Veronica. Veronica questions if he was ever really sick before he mutes the TV.

Hermosa calls Hiram to say she's cleaned up the murder and any evidence; she was the one who provided Vito's location. Hiram plans to get the Palladium and get back everything he lost along the way.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

It’s taken me years to find you, but my luck finally turned. Do you remember when we first met? I said I wanted to be feared like you. You tell me. Vito, at this very moment, you afraid of me?


From where I’m at, if I could go back, just to spend a few more years shining shoes with my dad. I’d do that in a heartbeat.