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Betty checks up on Alice after discovering the blood at the phone booth. Alice starts drinking.

The Riverdale High Bulldogs lose another football game. Cheryl and the River Vixens think they shouldn't have wasted their time at the game. Veronica challenges the players with a $10,000 deal for whoever scores first for the team.

Veronica plots to get the town of Riverdale to attend the game and show support. Veronica and Archie kiss.

Jughead pushes his alien story to his book agent to see if it'll be successful as a book.

Veronica asks Tabitha how the team can attend and if the diner wants to be the official sponsor of the Bulldogs. Cheryl refuses to get the Vixens to attend the game or offer maple syrup. After Archie hijacks the school speaker, Cheryl agrees to let the Vixens perform in one more game.

A student drops off a story to Jughead with an alien design on it.

Glen confirms the blood type on the phone booth matched Polly's blood type. Betty is mad at Glen because Polly is dead and Glen didn't help her.

Jughead goes to Principal Weatherbee to talk about the student, Lerman. Weatherbee thinks it's all a simple story assignment and Lerman's family checked out.

Archie offer's Derek the spot of the team captain, but his mother wants to know how this will help Derek's future. Reggie tells Archie and Veronica that the football league wants The Bulldogs to drop out as they're tainting the league.

Sheriff Keller helps Kevin move out of his apartment. Kevin thinks he doesn't deserve any happiness.

Veronica confronts Hiram about him potentially sabotaging the football team. Veronica makes a deal with Hiram that if the Bulldogs score one goal, he'll stop the league from trying to kick out the Bulldogs. If they get shut out, the Bulldogs will quit.

Jughead asks Lerman if the alien story is real.

Betty asks Cheryl for advice on grieving and moving past death. Cheryl consoles Betty.

The Bulldogs inform Archie that Derek got recruited by Stonewall Prep. Veronica comes up with an idea on how to rally the students and potentially recruit new players.

Betty lies to Alice that the blood didn't match Polly's blood type. The next day, Alice is in a much better mood; she's decided to rejoin the support group.

Lerman's family came to the school to confront Jughead about talking with their son. Principal Weatherbee removes Lerman from Jughead's class.

Cheryl tries to get Fangs and Kevin back together. They confront Kevin about whether he has an internalized issues from his past.

Betty tells Jughead the truth of Polly's death and what she told Alice. Jughead thinks he knows someone who might know of what happened to Polly and the highway.

Veronica invites a professional football player to speak with the Bulldogs. He gives an inspiring speech to encourage them to play. A bunch of students comes to want to join the team.

Hiram takes over coaching the Stallions for the game.

Betty and Jughead visit Mr. Dryfus about the Mothman and what happened to Polly. He shows them his radio that is picking up their static signal. Betty is mad that Jughead wasted her time with conspiracy theories.

Betty takes a moment to think of her family before loading her gun.

Kevin hits on a guy in a steam room who is visiting from LA. The man gets mad at Kevin's advances and beats him up.

Betty ambushes a woman and a trucker. She beats up the trucker and tells him to inform his trucker friends to not come to Riverdale ever again. Betty does the same thing to John, the trucker she met who was supposed to meet with Polly.

Kevin tells his dad a story of his mother making a comment about his weight as a kid and how it led to him cruising in Fox Forest.

Betty beats up the trucker and points a gun at him. She plans to kill him until Jughead calls her to help search for Lerman. She leaves the trucker tied up overnight.

Betty finds Lerman on the highway; she meets up with Jughead.

Lerman's parents reveal that he disappeared for a week before someone found him on the Lonely Highway. Betty thinks it's all connected to what happened to Polly and the murdered girls.

Cheryl performs "Stupid Love" at the football game with the River Vixens.

During the football game, the Stonewall Stallions prove a tough wall against the Bulldogs. Riverdale High is being decimated by Stonewall.

Brita rushes and scores a touchdown for The Bulldogs.

Veronica reveals her wager was a success. Derek shares a good congratulations with Archie and Veronica.

Principal Weatherbee reveals Lerman's family left Riverdale.

Glenn came to Riverdale to check on Betty. Glenn told Alice the truth about Polly's blood; he takes over the case.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Veronica: Well, I do believe Coach Andrews is the best motivator a gridiron gang can ask for. As your defacto team owner, what can I do to incentivize you? How about ten grand for whichever Bulldog scores first this season?
Team: Yeah! [Cheering and excitement]

Cassandra: We lost … again. We totally could’ve been practicing for regionals instead of wasting our time here.
Cheryl: I couldn’t agree more, Cassandra. Could not. Agree. More.