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Kevin is hooking up with a trucker. Kevin delivers food to Toni and Fangs.

Archie is dressed as a firefighter for a hookup night with Betty.

Jughead and Tabitha meet with the anthropologist to discuss the discovery. The anthropologist offers to help Jughead discover if he's repressing something since she doesn't believe him.

Sheriff Keller finds another body in the swamp. The body isn't Polly since the body is a very aged body.

Fangs wants to be in a monogamous relationship with Kevin. Kevin wants to talk about their relationship.

Veronica wants the remodel of her apartment to be a complete overhaul.

Fangs and Kevin reveal that they're engaged and that they're going to raise Toni's baby with her. Cheryl is visibly upset over the news.

Toni reveals to Cheryl that she has a medical condition where having a baby will be difficult when she gets older. Toni wants to make it work with Cheryl, but Cheryl coldly declines it.

Betty reveals to Kevin that she's hooking up with Archie. Betty doesn't want things with Archie to end.

While teaching his class, Jughead has a hallucination of the alien.

Ms. Marble has Cheryl make an original painting for her. Cheryl complains about Toni and the happiness that was rubbed in her. Marble convinces Cheryl to throw some chaos into the wings.

Katy Keene calls Veronica to tell her about Chad walking into the store with the heiress to the Spiffany's fortune. Veronica does a revenge social post.

Toni agrees to let Cheryl host a celebration for the baby and the trio. Cheryl makes it a key party for one last night of debauchery.

Betty has a nightmare where she discovers Polly and The Trash Bag Killer murders her. Betty texts Archie to come over and stay the night. During the next day, Archie tells Jackson that there's still something lingering with Veronica.

Kevin asks Fangs to get all impulses out at the party for one last night of freedom.

Alice says she got a call from Polly, but Betty doesn't believe her.

During support group with the anthropologist, Jughead has more flashes of the alien. Jughead tells Tabitha of his past where he blacked out after doing drinks and hard drugs. Jughead wants to go to Cheryl's party to take his mind off of things.

Veronica and Archie have an awkward time rebuilding her home while feeling the tension of their past.

Everyone starts attending Cheryl's party. Fangs' date is Rick, the same trucker who Kevin hooked up with.

Veronica draws Archie's keys from the key bowl. After some tension between Chad, Veronica and Chad leave the party. Jughead is too drunk, but he draws Tabitha's keys; they leave the party. Eric Jackson draws Marble's keys. Reggie draws Fangs' keys. Kevin draws Rick's keys. Betty draws Archie's keys. Cheryl draws Toni's keys.

Cheryl brings Toni to a nursery for her to come live with the baby. She planned the key party to have Toni move in with her and to expose the shaky relationships in Riverdale. Toni rejects the idea; she doesn't want a relationship with Toni nor does she want a friendship with her.

Kevin reveals to Rick that he's had an open relationship with Fangs for the last three years. Fangs never told Rick about Kevin when they hooked up.

Tabitha wants Jughead to speak with a therapist who specializes in trauma.

Fangs didn't hook up with Reggie. Kevin tells him he's not ready to get married. Fangs is mad because Kevin is imploding their relationship after he demanded so much, like marriage, having a baby, and monogamy.

Archie and Betty end things to be friends.

Veronica confronted Chad about the party.

Cheryl and Ms. Marble kiss.

Veronica reveals to Archie that she's divorcing Chad. Veronica and Archie kiss.

Polly makes a collect call to Betty and Alice. Polly is on the lonely highway. Alice and Betty head to the payphone to find it destroyed and covered in blood.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

A lot can happen in seven years. But in Riverdale, the more things change, the more they stay exactly the same.


Archie: So, what do you want to have done to your apartment?
Veronica: One word: demolition. I want it all torn out, right to the studs.
Archie: That’s a big job, but yeah, I think my buddy Eric would be up to help out. What’s your timeline?
Veronica: I want it done yesterday.