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Archie, Toni, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead talk in the diner about the town. Outside of the diner, Betty and Jughead catch-up about what happened since they last talked. Neither plan to stay in town.

Veronica and Archie catch-up about what happened in the seven years. Archie revealed he hasn't had a relationship since Veronica.

Alice is still living in Riverdale. Polly is in town too, but she's not with the kids that night. Archie, Veronica, and Jughead visit their old haunts. Jughead gets a bunch of messages from debt collectors.

Betty and Kevin clean-up the satellite FBI office. Betty finds an old recording of her phone call with Polly.

Veronica tries to get control of her portion in the portion, but Hiram has given or sold it all away. Hermosa took her portion of the rum business to Miami.

Toni, Fangs, and Sweet Pea refuse to help Jughead since Jughead used the Serpents in his book.

Principal Weatherbee warns Archie that Riverdale High might close down. Weatherbee, Alice, Toni, Kevin, and Archie discuss the upcoming PTA meeting to keep the school around. The school needs teachers.

Jughead asks Tabitha Tate for a job at the diner. She refuses as she doesn't want to run up a tab.

Hiram offers Toni a job if she can drop the petition, but she declines.

Archie needs help to get the Ghoulies out of his house. Betty offers to help him make it happen. He also goes to Sheriff Keller about getting them out, but if he contacts the private security force, Reggie will tip off the Ghoulies.

Veronica tries to make a few arrangements, but her credit cards are declined. Her husband Chad claims it's happened to him too.

Veronica, in a blonde wig, pawns her pearls for $30,000. She also buys a gun.

Betty has a nightmare about The Trash Bag Killer. She bumps into Polly and makes her a cup of tea. She and Polly make amends over the past drama.

Alice reveals that Polly works as a waitress at The Roving Eye. Toni shares a slam piece in the newspaper planted to discredit her.

Archie asks Jughead to write a speech for Pop's goodbye.

Archie and Reggie do a walkthrough of his place to find drugs. They don't find anything; Archie is sure someone tipped them off. Archie spots Polly in the back of the building.

The debt collectors appear at the diner looking for Jughead. Tabitha helps hide him and offers him a job at the diner.

Veronica tries to buy a car from Reggie, but he refuses to do it. He tells her to speak with Hiram for help.

Archie concocts a plan with Betty, Kevin, Fangs, and Sweet Pea to drive out the Ghoulies. They break into the house and beat up all the Ghoulies. The group finds Jingle Jangle and a lab.

Two more teachers defected from Riverdale High. Toni reveals a secret Hiram file that showcases his plans are to unincorporate the town. The group thinks to turn the school private and bring in any teachers to solve their problems.

Veronica asks Hiram for help to get her husband to stop following her and controlling her. Hiram declines to help her.

Betty confronts Polly about her secrets, but Polly rebuffs her and leaves.

Jughead sends his agent pages for his upcoming book.

While Betty and Archie are cleaning, he asks her to hang out with Veronica, Jughead, and her together. Archie and Betty hook-up in his shower. They say they're friends, but they're keeping their hook-ups to themselves.

The group hosts a retirement party for Pop Tate. Toni asks Cheryl to fund the school, but she declines because she thinks she's cursed and can't afford it. Toni begs her and banks their former love.

Archie asks Betty, Veronica, and Jughead to stay on as teachers for a month. They all reluctantly agree to help for the time being.

During the PTA meeting, Toni reveals Cheryl donated the money and the school will become a tuition-free school. Hiram orders a vote to unincorporate the town; the vote successfully passes.

Jughead gets a call from his agent. The publisher loves his story about Pop Tate; he demands Jughead write more stories like that.

Veronica demands Chad reactivate their credit cards.

Jughead moves in with Archie.

Betty desperately ties calling Polly. A scene shows Polly being chased by the mysterious truck down the highway.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Toni: Okay, I’ll help. I’ll give you some advice: watch your back, Jones. You’ve made a lot of enemies in this town.

Jughead: I saw you're looking for a new waiter. I’m definitely interested.
Tabitha: Thanks, but this definitely isn’t the right job for you.
Jughead: You don’t even know me.
Tabitha: Also, you can’t just sit here all day using my internet. You have to actually order food, not just coffee, and then you have to pay for said food. My grandfather did things his way and I do them mine. And the first rule of MY diner is no running tabs.