Archie Leads the Charge - Riverdale
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Alice, Principal Weatherbee, Archie, and Kevin look through the school after the prison breakout. Archie plans to fix the school.

Veronica is back in town for a gem deal; she has a new opal to sell to a contact from Montreal. She plans to pay back all the contacts from Chad's shady deals. Veronica can't tell Archie about Chad's blackmail.

Archie ends things with Veronica until she is fully divorced from Chad.

Penelope Blossom plans to open a ministry; she got early parole at the prison. She wants to lead the church and conduct two masses per day.

While Betty is surveilling the truckstop, Tabitha calls her for help in finding Jughead. Someone tries to rob the diner, but when Penelope arrives, Tabitha knocks out the gunman. Tom Keller and Archie want the gunman to reveal how many escapees.

Two robbers break into Veronica's store to smash the store and steal the opal.

A news report shows Hiram and Governor Dooley offering a reward for the capture of the escaped convicts. Archie wants to round up the criminals to get the money to save the school. After Archie leaves, it's revealed that the Governor was working with Hiram and wants his cut of the money from the bombing.

Veronica asks Reggie for help in finding Dodger and his mother to get the opal back. Reggie reveals that he's working with Hiram to pay off a debt caused by his father.

Betty agrees to help Tabitha in searching for Jughead; Tabitha reveals the awkward encounter she had with Jughead before he disappeared.

Darla Dickerson knocked out Tom Keller and poisoned the criminal Jeremiah to keep him from talking.

Tabitha and Betty search the bunker for Jughead; they read his manuscript for any clues. Meanwhile, Jughead is being beaten up by a couple of rich guys by a fire in an alley. A mysterious figure watches him from a distance.

Archie gets his uncle Frank to help with the search; Mary Andrews is working a case to get Frank's conviction reduced. Archie, Frank, Kevin, and Fangs go searching for the convicts.

Betty and Tabitha call Jessica (Jughead's ex) about the psychedelic mushrooms. Jessica joins them in the search as she also wants $400 from Jughead.

Penelope conducts her first mass; she claims Jason's death was a sacrifice for Penelope to shepherd the town to the light. People donate money to her cause.

The group breaks into a building to arrest the convicts. Reggie and Veronica arrive to help as they need to find Dodger and Darla for the opal. Archie is frustrated with Veronica over the lack of clarity.

A homeless man helps Jughead with his shivering and bandages. The man is "Doc," the same man from Jughead's story to the Stonewall Prep Literary Club.

A criminal holds Hiram as hostage to get their share of the playdium. Hiram is forced to call the Governor to join them.

Betty, Tabitha, and Jessica search through Jughead's messy apartment to find Jughead. They try to find any other drugs he might've taken. The trio tries Riverdale High, but they don't find any evidence. They move to the bunker.

Cheryl chastises Penelope for her scheme with starting the ministry and using Jason as a tool. Cheryl doesn't want any part of Penelope's plan.

The criminal calls Veronica for their share of the playdium; Ted, Darla, and Dodger hold Tom Keller, the Governor, and Hiram hostage. The group shoots the Governor to send a message. They reveal that Hiram planned the explosion under the jail to mine for playdium.

Veronica, Archie, and the group break Hiram's safe out of the wall to make the exchange.

Jessica isn't able to help find Jughead; Tabitha and Betty are positive Jessica has another agenda when she asked about Jughead's manuscript. They refuse to take mushrooms.

Jughead saves Doc from a brutal beating from the rich guy. Jughead collapses to the ground.

Veronica agrees to the deal with Ted; everyone in the group plans to sneak in to save the kidnappees.

Cheryl looks into a trunk to see a skeleton. A bird flies through a window and she smiles.

Betty shows Tabitha and Jessica the voicemail message that Jughead left her two years ago. Jughead chastised her for the troubles they had during their relationship. Jessica spiked the fries that Tabitha and Betty ate because she wanted to read Jughead's manuscript; she wanted to see if Jughead wrote about their life together. Tabitha and Betty give her the manuscript.

Penelope and Cheryl sing at the start of their mass; Tabitha and Betty sing during their drug haze. Cheryl sees Jason in a rainbow haze during the mass.

Veronica, Archie, and the group surprise Darla, Ted, and Dodger by rappelling into the El Royale. The group descends into a fight.

Veronica plans to successfully sell the opal and get a full pardon for Frank. Archie and Veronica stick to their deal of not being together until the divorce is finalized.

Hiram threatens Governor Dooley to never step foot in Riverdale again. He plans to keep the playdium for himself.

Jughead doesn't want to go home just yet. He remembers something bad happened in New York, but he wants to figure it out. Doc knew it was Jughead all along.

Tabitha offers to help Betty search for the missing girls. Jughead leaves a voicemail message to Tabitha that he's heading back to New York City to figure things out. He gets picked up by a trucker.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Jessica: And maybe don’t leave people alone when they’re tripping on maple mushrooms?
Tabitha: I assumed he’d be safe in the handcuffs!
Betty: Well, another lesson: maybe don’t give psychedelic shrooms in a delicate state?
Jessica: Yeah? How about don’t betray your boyfriend the way you did?! Getting with his best friend, that’s some Shakespearean-level treachery.
Betty: Okay, yeah, clearly in the stories Jughead has been telling, he’s been cast as the blameless victim here. But, Jughead is not so innocent.

Veronica: So, we’re still feeling good about our decision? To hold off until my divorce is final.
Archie: Yeah, but I am torn.
Veronica: Well then, I better work on making this divorce happen as fast as humanely possible.