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Jughead and Archie were able to put out the house fire. Archie finds an old photo of his grandfather in the fire department; Archie wants to reopen the fire department.

The body Betty, Kevin, and Alice found in the swamp is a victim over three years ago. The coroner isn't sure who it is. Alice wants to search the swamp again to find Polly.

Veronica confronts Hiram about not having a fire department and the arson.

Archie asks the retired fire chief to work again. The chief declines as Hiram firebombed the building and the battle is for younger people.

As the River Vixens practice, Cheryl storms in to claim running the squad. Cheryl challenges Toni to a dance battle for authority, but as Toni is pregnant, a high schooler subs in for her. They tie; Toni and Cheryl agree to share coaching duties.

Veronica plans to invite a firefighter to come to town to help save the department. She uses her class to help revitalize the local businesses in town.

Jughead shows Tabitha news articles about the Mothmen. He asks her to get an interview with the witness.

Archie's friend, Corporal Jackson, from the army comes to town.

Betty thinks Jane Doe is Margaret Harper, a young woman who went missing. The coroner denies it being Margaret as she had braces when she went missing. Betty thinks Jane Doe shows a pattern.

No one initially signs up to join Archie's volunteer fire department.

Betty interviews Margaret's mother about the disappearance. The mother has no idea what happened to her; she was worried once Margaret got involved with truckers. The mother confirms Margaret's social worker was Toni.

Veronica asks Cheryl to paint something on a pressing plate.

The RROTC signs up to be volunteer firefighters.

Veronica starts a school project involving Riverdale dollars.

Alice finds Polly's phone and other items. At the Whyte Wyrm, Betty interviews Toni about Margaret and the disappearances.

Jughead interviews Pop Tate about the lights and the Mothmen. A flashback shows a younger Pop at the diner as strange electrical events happen and bright light coming into the diner. There were six people at the diner who saw the light, but they have no clue what happened. Nana Blossom was one of the people at the diner.

Bernardo from Katy Keene comes to teach the volunteers about firefighting. The volunteers train to get ready.

Veronica prints her Riverdale bucks and starts spreading them around town. Jughead uses his tips to buy drinks at the bar.

Tensions flare between Cheryl and Toni during an unscheduled Vixen practice.

As everyone searches the swamp for Toni, Hiram and his goons come with shotguns to prevent them from searching further.

Nana Blossom tells Jughead and Tabitha that a body was found after the encounter. She kept the body preserved in a barrel of maple syrup.

Veronica teaches her class further about inflation and the next stage of the Riverdale bucks. Hiram crashes the class and toys with her about their plans to save the town.

A homeless man tells Archie about his uncertainty of saving the town.

Glenn tells Betty that The Trash Bag Killer is back and running in Tulsa. Betty decides to focus on Riverdale and have Glenn focus on TBK. Reggie, under a cone of silence, tells Betty that another body was found in the swamp.

A fire erupts from the abandoned pool hall. Archie rushes into the building to try to save someone.

Veronica calls Hiram after she discovers someone printed fake money to throw her numbers off.

The new body found in the swamp was Margaret Harper. Dr. Curdle Jr confirms that her body was pulverized.

Toni confronts Cheryl about her attitude and reasons for self-isolation.

Miss Marble returns to confront Cheryl about the art forgery.

Archie survived running into the burning building. He saved the money, but he ended up in the hospital recuperating. The building was another case of arson.

Hiram is mad that another body was discovered, but Reggie convinces him to allow the group to search the swamp for more bodies.

Betty, Alice, and Toni tell Mrs. Harper that Margaret's body was found in the swamp. Betty promises to find out who did it.

Nana Blossom delivers the maple barrel to Tabitha and Jughead. The pair thinks they'll need to call in an expert to examine the body because the composition doesn't look human.

Veronica discovers that her students were the ones who printed the counterfeit money. They made an extra $10,000. As punishment, the students have to give back to the town.

Corporal Jackson tells Archie that Earl died from the fire wounds; his spot at the VFW was canceled. Jackson plans to take his gun to kill Hiram. After an argument, Archie convinces Jackson to become the new fire chief and not go through with his attack.

Strange electrical disturbances start happening around the diner. A bright light flashes over the diner, but once the light disappears, the power in the diner goes back on. A spotlight flashes on Jughead overhead.

Jughead reveals to Tabitha the next day that he woke up the next day after the light attack. The body has gone missing from the diner.

Veronica forces her students to clean up the town as payment.

Kevin and Fangs reveal that Principal Weatherbee refused to let the RROTC students from joining the fire department. The chief came out of retirement to help train the group. Veronica treats the fire department with a fire truck as a gift.

Sheriff Keller and Toni reveal that 21 women are missing and had disappeared near the swamp. The group isn't sure if it's a trafficker or a serial killer.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Jughead: Oh geez, I know where this is going…
Archie: The best counterattack is not to fight fire with fire, but to fight fire with a fire department!

Toni: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Ms. Winchester herself! You’ve come for another surprise visit, Cheryl?
Cheryl: Thank you for taking care of the River Vixens whilst I was self-isolating, but as Elton John likes to say, “The bitch is back in town!” and this squad is my birthright.