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Reggie failed his test to be an investment broker. Reggie makes an offer to Veronica to open a casino in town, but Veronica decides that once the school year is done, she's going back to New York City.

Archie reveals Eric Jackson went back home. Archie tells Betty that he's reopening Andrews Construction. Betty received permission to reopen Riverdale's FBI office; she has successfully passed her program and became an FBI agent. She missed her graduation ceremony.

Principal Weatherbee asks Jughead to restart the Blue & Gold at Riverdale High.

Veronica is told that she can't rejoin the investment world for six months as everyone doesn't want to work with her since she killed Chad in self-defense.

Archie and friends throw Betty a surprise party for her FBI graduation. Kevin gives Betty a cake in the style of her FBI ID badge. Veronica and Betty talk about their futures, as well as Veronica breaking up with Archie.

Jughead and Tabitha plan to have their first fancy date. Tabitha brings up the idea of her and Jughead moving in together.

The fire department gets an alert that Pop's is on fire; someone also sabotaged their fire truck. The diner is set on fire by a Ghoulie. Everyone believes it was orchestrated by Hiram Lodge.

Archie, Sheriff Keller, and Betty charge into Hiram's home to arrest him. They need Veronica's help with locating Hiram's secret operations to pin more crimes on him.

Jughead teaches his journalism class; they discuss the Lodge Ledger writing biased pieces in his favor.

Toni and Fangs have the Ghoulie tied up and tortured to find the truth. The Ghoulie tells them that Hiram hired him for the crime. He admits that the criminals think the Serpents have lost their power and aren't threatening anymore.

Veronica finds documents that he incorporated SoDale that he could petition to take over Riverdale's land to claim it as his own. Betty wants to take the documents to the FBI.

Toni and Fangs reveal that Hiram has been the one setting the fires and tearing down the businesses/township/citizens. Archie and Veronica agree to take down Hiram once and for all in exchange for the Serpents to help get people to sign the incorporation papers. If they don't get revenge on Hiram, the Serpents will take charge to hurt Hiram.

Veronica and Archie make a plot to kidnap and kill Hiram. Before they begin their plan, Reggie gives them a flash drive of evidence.

Betty receives a call from The Trash Bag Killer. He tells her that he won't ever come looking for her if she does the same. Betty declines and he hangs up the phone.

Tabitha reveals that the insurance company isn't covering the damages; she spent the funds to pay waitresses instead of the insurance. The Lodge Ledger wrote a damning editorial about the fire.

Archie and Veronica kidnap Hiram. Jughead and Tabitha set fire to the Lodge Ledger; they make out in front of the fire.

Toni wants to get the Serpents off the roads and back in town with better-paying jobs. Toni wants Fangs to be the king of the Serpents, working alongside her.

Veronica, Archie, and the group bring Hiram to the edge of town. They show him a recording of him killing the mob boss; the video will be sent to the FBI and Hiram will be exiled from Riverdale. His possessions will be sold to rebuild Pop's.

Hiram walks away from the town.

Sheriff Keller asks Kevin to be his deputy full-time, but Kevin plans to move to New York to try Broadway full-time.

Toni and Fangs tell Archie that the citizens are reluctant to sign the incorporation papers because they're not sure what the new town will be. Archie asks Toni to be mayor, but she declines. He will have answers at the town hall meeting.

Cheryl and Brita find bones in the mines. Nana Blossom reveals that the bones belong to "The Forgotten." Abigail Blossom was burned at the stake by the people of Riverdale for not selling her palladium. The ancestors of Archie's, Jughead's, and Betty's families burned Abigail; Abigail cursed the families to darkness.

Tabitha apologizes to Pop Tate for the diner burning down. Pop misses working; he agrees to give Tabitha money to fix the diner if she lets him come back to work.

Cheryl confronts Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty about the deaths under the town. She begs them for atonement for the deaths; they beg her to not interfere with incorporating the town.

Jughead changes the Blue & Gold to the "Riverdale Choice." It will be a free independent newspaper that will critique everyone.

Veronica pitches Reggie on the casino idea. She wants them to stay in Riverdale to take over the town as the richest duo.

During the town meeting, Archie makes a pitch for Toni, Tabitha, Alice, and Frank to be on the town council instead of a mayor. The town hall agrees and votes to incorporate the town. Cheryl is angry that the council didn't acknowledge the past, so she pulled her land and support from the town.

Veronica and Reggie make the casino pitch to the council, but they're less than interested. The council wants them to do a full pitch at the next meeting.

Nana Blossom gives Cheryl the curse that Abigail said when she burned at the stake. Cheryl plans to turn Thornhill into a school for wayward girls.

Cheryl utters the curse and a wind rips through the house.

Archie puts up the brand new town sign. A chilly wind cuts through the town.

Veronica turns her class and store into a secret casino. She and Reggie kiss.

Archie asks Betty to start dating. She agrees and they kiss. As they head up to the bed, they hear a ticking in the room. Archie finds a bomb placed under the bed. Hiram drives away as an explosion happens.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Hiram: You’re turning against your own blood like this, Miha? I blame Archie. This is his influence.
Veronica: Don’t. We broke up. This is all me.

Archie: Tonight is not about the past. But I promise you…
Cheryl: No! No more empty promises! Let the official public record show that from this moment on Thornhill and its lands shall cede from the corrupt township of Riverdale. Whatever happens tonight, you lot will have no jurisdiction over it or its blessed inhabitants.
Betty: Cheryl, come on.
Cheryl: Nay, cousin! What is decreed is decreed.