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Betty is with her friends at the Whyte Wyrm and talks about how the family is dealing with Polly's death. Alice has barricaded herself by listening to a cast album from Next To Normal (she, Polly, and Betty watched the musical one time on Mother's Day).

Betty recounts the plot of Next To Normal and remembering the memory of their trip to the musical.

The scene switches to a fantasy world where everything is perfect in 50s style and everyone in the Cooper household performs "Just Another Day." Alice, Charles, Polly, and Betty perform the song. The record skips and Betty checks on her mother; the house is in disarray.

Veronica asks Archie to move in together. Veronica agrees to move into Archie's house.

Principal Weatherbee tells Toni that Brita has been living in a janitor's closet. Toni introduces Brita to a social worker; Brita's family blamed her for being kidnapped. Mrs. Weiss has room for her at a foster home.

Betty tries to comfort Alice and encourages her to move on. Alice and Betty start performing "I Miss the Mountains."

Tabitha takes her parents on a tour of the diner. Her parents push them to have dinner at an Italian restaurant; she agrees and invites Jughead to dinner. Jughead wants him and Tabitha to date, but she thinks the timing isn't perfect.

Tabitha and Jughead perform "Perfect For You." They kiss.

Alice hallucinates and plays the piano with Polly/Betty. The real Betty is surprised that Alice purchased a piano. Alice refuses to go to dinner with Veronica.

An abrupt fire call forces Archie and Frank to respond to an emergency; Jughead feels uncomfortable and eats in the garage. While alone and thinking of her life, she performs "Superboy and the Invisible Girl."

Alice hallucinates a happy Mother's Day dinner with Polly and Charles while performing "It's Gonna Be Good." Alice says that Polly and Charles are there with her. The real Betty shows Alice the urn containing Polly's ashes. Betty performs "He's Not Here." She convinces Alice to join her in watching a Broadway show.

Veronica walks in while Jughead and Frank are using the bathroom.

Penelope teases Cheryl that all her followers have left the ministry. Cheryl performs "Didn't I See This Movie?" Cheryl throws holy water at Penelope and drives her out.

Reggie is studying to be a licensed stockbroker; Veronica agrees to help him study. He talks about his 5-year goal of moving to New York City and being a successful stockbroker.

Betty splurges on the tickets and an experience to a Moulin Rouge show. Before they depart, a fictional Polly and Charles sing "I'm Alive" to keep her in the house. Betty tries to convince Alice to leave, but Alice blames her for leaving Riverdale and causing Polly's death.

Mr. Tate tells Jughead to not attend the Mother's Day dinner as he believes Tabitha is out of his league.

Veronica asks Archie where they see each other in five years. Archie sees himself still living in Riverdale in five years. Veronica says that's not a problem for her.

Toni is having a hard time finding a home for Brita. Fangs convinces her to ask Cheryl since he believes that she's changed.

Betty and Kevin talk about Alice and they perform "Make Up Your Mind" / "Catch Me I'm Falling" together. Betty believes it's her fault that Polly is dead, but Kevin tells her that it's not. She needs to help Alice get through it.

Jughead arrives at the Mother's Day dinner and performs "Hey #3" / "Perfect for You" (Reprise) with Tabitha. The two sneak away from the dinner to go dancing/kissing in her apartment.

Toni asks Cheryl to let Brita live at the manor. Cheryl agrees after a heartfelt conversation.

Veronica talks with Archie about their future and how she's feeling muted. She thinks they should break up since they're not on the same page.

Betty makes a promise to Alice that she'll stay in Riverdale. She sings "Promise" to Alice. Alice apologizes to Betty for blaming Polly's death on Betty.

Alice and Betty perform "Maybe (Next to Normal". Alice hallucinates a fictional Charles and Polly leaving the house.

Kevin, Jughead, and Tabitha reconvene after a memorial was held to bury Polly's ashes.

Fangs and Toni admit they love each other. They start a new relationship.

Betty, Alice, Toni, Fangs, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, Tabitha, Cheryl, Frank, Penelope, and Brita perform "Light." Veronica moves out of Archie's house. Everyone sings at Polly's memorial in the graveyard.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Cheryl: Poor cherub. But, I must admit I’m surprised you’d trust me with such precious cargo.
Toni: I loved you, and I felt your love. And I know the huge capacity for love your heart has, and that’s exactly what Brita needs right now.
Cheryl: Well, then I’d be honored.

Veronica: Archie, I think we should take a beat until we figure out what we’re doing. We shouldn’t rush this.
Archie: Maybe we go back to dating and having fun like we used to?
Veronica: That’s a sweet idea, but we’re not in high school anymore.