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Jughead looks over all the masks from Jellybean's auteur videos. FP wants to send Jellybean to Ohio to be with her mother, but he wants to go with her to help her. Jellybean told him the location of her accomplices.

Tom Keller is reinstated as town sheriff. He arrests all of Jellybean's friends, who were affected by all the craziness in town.

Archie has a nightmare about his dad and mom being with him at graduation.

Cheryl reminisces of the Homecoming dance after her brother's murder. Hiram and Hermione gift Veronica with a new set of pearls; she reminisces of her first day at Riverdale High.

Alice cries about Betty leaving and the fact no one will be there for Thanksgiving.

Cheryl and Toni open the Riverdale High time capsule. The box includes a bunch of newspapers and memorabilia. Veronica and Betty give every new yearbook to everyone.

Jughead gets word that he's graduating high school. Principal Weatherbee informs Archie that he won't be able to graduate with his friends; he would have to repeat senior year to make up the grades. Archie is allowed to walk with his friends and record the graduation song.

Everyone is cheering and celebrating the last day of high school.

Veronica drops off a box of Archie's old stuff to him. The pair have one last hookup.

Jughead thinks of going to Toledo with FP, but FP tells him not to go. Toni showcases her locker to her grandmother; Cheryl wants to come to say hi, but she decides against it and walks away.

Archie misses his dad as he watches all the parents celebrating with their kids.

Betty gives a valedictorian speech. Archie records "Time of Your Life" as the graduation song.

A montage shows everyone walking the stage and getting their diplomas. Archie sees a flash of the people in the army in the back of the crowd and gets an idea.

Penelope reveals she saw Cheryl walk the graduation stage and that she's turning herself in to the police to pay for her crimes.

FP bids farewell to Jughead and Alice. He and Alice share a passionate goodbye kiss.

Archie visits the army booth and considers enlisting.

Veronica grabs a menu from the diner and plans to sign over the property to him.

Everyone adds items to a new time capsule. Jughead throws his cap into the box.

Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica make a deal to meet back at Riverdale High every year on the same day. Archie reveals that he signed up for the army; Veronica is mad at him for making this big decision and will not support it.

Cheryl reveals she's not going to Hysmith College. She wants to stay in Riverdale to fix the Blossom name and rebuild the town. Cheryl reluctantly ends things with Toni to give her space and let her rebuild things with her family.

Betty reveals to Jughead that she and Archie kissed. The two have sex. The next day, Jughead wants to talk with Betty about their relationship after he brings Archie to the bus stop.

Veronica forgives Betty for kissing Archie. Archie tells Jughead the truth, but Jughead is fine with it.

Veronica regrets not saying goodbye to Archie; Betty has a plan to get her a final hug. Betty, Jughead, and Veronica drive down in the old jalopy to chase down the army bus. Veronica successfully gets her goodbye hug with Archie; Archie says goodbye to all his friends.

Cheryl plans to rebuild Thornhill.

A montage reveals Veronica left early to be with her mother, Betty and Jughead's relationship broke down due to the kiss (they broke up before college), and Jughead moved into Archie's abandoned house. Jughead lived in the bunker before heading to college.

One year later, Jughead is the only one who came back to the diner. The voiceover reveals that a new crisis six years later would bring them together.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Archie: Later, bro.
[Archie offers his hand]
Jughead: Don’t “bro” me.
[The pair hug]

Cheryl: You know I love you with every ounce of my soul, but I don’t want you to have to choose between your family and me. And perhaps if I’m successful, you won’t have to and we can be together with their full blessing? But, in the meantime…
Toni: Don’t say it. I don’t want to hear you say it.
Cheryl: Then you never shall.