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Charles confirms to Betty and Jughead that Mr. Honey is safe after they discovered the murderous videotape; they reveal the background of Jughead's short story. The FBI finds ticketstubs to the Blue Velvet, the videostore where the tapes were held.

Archie is training for his naval physical. Veronica finds the music sheet for Archie's song to Betty; Archie destroys the sheet and refuses to play it.

Hiram and Hermione decide to chaperone the prom. Hiram reveals his health is getting better. He attests to his workout routine, but it's his secret hobby of beating people up.

Principal Weatherbee is back to run Riverdale High. Betty asks the secretary if she has knowledge of the murderous masked tapes.

The naval rep is debating between Archie and another candidate from Queens. The rep agrees; Archie's opponent is K.O. Kelly.

Toni Topaz is more concerned about being the leader of the Southside Serpents. KEvin Keller wants to sign up for prom king, but Cheryl pushes back and forces him/Fangs to not run.

Archie agrees to let K.O. Kelly stay at his place while staying in town.

Jughead and Betty asks Bret about the truth about the videotapes at the video store. Bret reluctantly agrees to talk when Jughead lightly threatens him. Bret reveals that David (the videostore owner) holds secret redband screenings that are invite-only; the only way to get invited is if you supply tapes that catch his eye.

Archie and K.O. host a betting competition to see who is stronger. Archie wins the individual challenges to prove he has endurance.

Cheryl agrees to act in Betty and Jughead's fake snuff film. Cheyl, while wearing a dark wig, is the victim and Reggie (in costume) is the killer.

While at La Bonne Nuit, Veronica performs Archie's song about Betty. Archie and Betty awkwardly look at each other.

Cheryl wants to invite Toni's family over for a dinner before prom. Toni declines as she doesn't want to come fully out to her family. Cheryl reluctantly agrees.

K.O. and Archie talk about the naval academy. K.O. thinks Veronica is a good match for Archie.

Kevin agrees to go with Betty to sell the tape to David.

Toni's grandmother is mad that she's dating a Blossom. Her grandmother doesn't want her to date Cheryl.

David doesn't buy the videotape Betty and Jughead made. In its place, Betty gives the childhood tape of Hal Cooper, The Black Hood. David agrees to let Betty and Kevin go to the secret screening.

Archie competes in his fight against K.O. Meanwhile, Betty sneaks Jughead into the movie show. The tapes show past footage from Riverdale, like the tickle videos, the Serpents beating people up, hookups from Stonewall Prep, etc. Betty and Jughead find the room of the mask videos, but a fight breaks out when one of the people go for Betty.

Betty and Jughead spot the director, but a rave starts that cuts their path. They find Jellybean at the party.

K.O. Kelly wins the boxing match. Archie rejects the naval academy's offer to reapply in the fall to get a spot.

Toni is mad at Cheryl. Cheryl stills wants Toni to be her prom date.

Jellybean reveals that was her first time at the rave. She promises she won't ever go again.

Veronica offers to blow off prom with Archie. Archie wants to do prom and celebrate with his friends.

Toni surprised Cheryl as her date. Nana Blossom takes a photo of them.

Hiram offers Archie a job as a deputy mayor if he decides to stay in town. He and Veronica take photos in front of all the parents. Betty and Jughead take photos at their place too.

At the prom, everyone dances and Reggie spikes the punch; the parents are chaperoning the prom. The group cheers.

Veronica reveals she wants to defer college to stay with Archie in town. Archie reveals the song was made for Betty and that they kissed during the Hedwig musical time.

Cheryl and Toni win the Riverdale High prom queens. They invite Betty/Jughead and Veronica/Archie to join in the traditional first dance. The lights cut and a new video starts playing that shows a group of people stabbing and killing David.

Toni reveals she picked Toni for tonight, but she has to go back to her grandmother to fix things The pair agree to separate and might reconnect when things are fixed in their situation.

Veronica agrees that they shouldn't tell Jughead the truth of the Betty/Archie kiss. Veronica decides she wants to go their separate ways with Archie after graduation.

Betty and Jughead find the videostore empy, except for the owl mask and the camera.

Veronica cries to Hermione about what happened to Archie and Betty. Hiram overhears her tears. Meanwhile, Cheryl cries to Nana Blossom about their family curse.

Archie finds a new VHS tape. The video shows the scene of The Black Hood holding a gun to Archie's head.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Veronica: Early morning run, Archiekins?
Archie: I’ve got my physical for the naval academy this week.
Veronica: Well, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t be impressed by my teenaged Thor.

Why does every one of our dances turn into a Jamie Lee Curtis movie?!