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Jughead talks about a folktale where the devil visits a small town to collect lost souls. He says the devil can take up any disguise; his story connects to Rivervale.

Pop Tate lets a man grab food without paying. Pop sees a man outside the diner, but a demonic face appears over his face. Pop collapses from a heart attack.

Reggie and Veronica say they love each other. They kiss in bed.

Betty receives a call from Glenn that the FBI arrested The Trash Bag Killer. Glenn needs help from Betty to get a confession from him; TBK will only speak with Betty.

Alice reveals on the news that a new casino (Babylonium) is opening up in town. Veronica tries to reassure Alice that the casino will be run legit. However, Reggie is telling his staff that the casino is being run crooked to steal money from their customers. Veronica invites Alice to come by for the soft opening.

"Mr. Lou Cypher" visits Tabitha at the hospital; he plans to take Pop's soul. Mr. Cypher reveals that Pop's father sold his soul to make the diner a success, but Pop traded a deal to switch his soul to save his father's.

Mr. Cypher offers Tabitha a deal: give up the diner and Pop's soul will be saved. He gives Tabitha time to think about the deal. Tabitha tells Jughead about the deal.

Alice attends the soft opening of the casino. She's there to sniff out any wrongdoings.

Mr. Cypher tells Kevin that he should be on Broadway. He says that he could help Kevin get fame and become a star. He wants to talk with Kevin after the show.

Kevin performs a set at the casino. After a whiff of success and an interaction with his "manager," Kevin signs the deal with Mr. Cypher without reading it. Mr. Cypher scratches Kevin's name off his list: Betty, Reggie, Tabitha, and Jughead are also on his list.

A manager warns Veronica that Mr. Cypher has won his last 20 hands. Veronica tries to shut down the table, but Mr. Cypher says that he'll get his due by Saturday. He'll claim a soul. Veronica deduces that Mr. Cypher is Lucifer (aka. the Devil).

Reggie confirms that Mr. Cypher is the devil. Reggie traded his soul to get the club its investment to open; he asks Veronica for help in stopping the deal.

Betty interviews The Trash Bag Killer; she knows he did all his crimes, but she has a big question for him. TBK says that absolute evil exists and that a part of Betty is pure evil. Betty showers to cleanse herself.

Glenn tells Betty that TBK was never captured by the FBI or located in Rivervale.

Tabitha wants to give up the diner, but Pop says that the diner is a safe haven and heart for the town. He begs her not to give up the diner.

Veronica calls Mr. Cypher with a counter-offer to trade another soul.

Jughead meets with Mr. Cypher for an interview, but he won't trade his soul. Mr. Cypher makes a deal to Jughead: either he gets the interview and publishes it but he'll never get to write again OR he'll have the interview but he'll never get to publish the interview. His creative juices will continue to flow. Mr. Cypher agrees to let Jughead make his options after their interview.

Nick St. Clair is Veronica's target to trade the soul to save Reggie.

Jughead agrees to go with option #1: publish the interview with the devil and get all the fame. Unfortunately, he'll never get to write after that.

It's revealed that Nick is a married senator. Veronica manipulates Nick into revealing he's never paid taxes, gets cover-ups on harassments, affairs, and hit-and-runs. She manipulates Nick into verbally making the deal with the devil, which Mr. Cypher honors and takes Nick's soul.

Mr. Cypher reveals Reggie is saved. However, the devil plans to take Veronica's soul.

Jughead publishes the interview.

Betty continues her interview with The Trash Bag Killer. He reveals that he's the devil and knows about hell; TBK spiritually connects with Hal Cooper to speak with Betty.

Reggie reveals he slipped Mr. Cypher's deal into Veronica's stack of business reports. He secretly got her to sign away her soul. She kicks him out of the office.

Mr. Cypher makes an offer to Veronica: if she can get Alice to sign away her soul, Veronica will live. If she fails, Mr. Cypher will claim her soul.

The Associated Press picks up Jughead's story about the devil. Big outlets and agents call him to support his next piece, but Jughead can't write anymore.

A diner customer compliments Tabitha about her generosity to the citizens. Raphael offers Tabitha a gift to help in the upcoming battle.

Veronica tries to manipulate Alice into signing the deal by offering a charitable donation. However, she backs out to protect Alice's life. Alice is mad at Veronica's bad behavior.

Jughead can no longer write anything.

The Trash Bag Killer offers Betty a trade: she goes to hell in exchange for saving her father's soul. TBK says that Betty is "The Whore of Babylon" from the bible. Betty rejects the devil's first deal, but he torments her with the knowledge that Polly is burning in hell.

Betty murders The Trash Bag Killer. Betty removes the mask to reveal it's Glenn. Mr. Cypher reveals he manipulated Glenn into coming to Rivervale to protect Betty.

Veronica tells Reggie that she'll perform the last song of the night before midnight hits.

Jughead begs Mr. Cypher to let him have his writing ability back. Jughead agrees to let Mr. Cypher take his soul; he signs the deal.

Veronica sings "Marry The Night" on stage.

Tabitha and Pop sign the deal to save Pop's soul in exchange for the diner. Tabitha wants to have one last milkshake before the diner closes. She gives her, Mr. Cypher, and Pop a milkshake.

Tabitha spiked the milkshakes with tears from the Virgin Mary at the crucifixion. She reveals she and Pop are now protected by the tears and her guardian angel. The tears consecrated Pop's, so the spot is now protected against the devil's influence.

Jughead has the ability to write again.

Betty lies to the FBI that she doesn't know where Glenn went; she buried the body under her house.

Veronica reveals she made a deal with Mr. Cypher to offer him a new lost soul every week in exchange to protect hers. Veronica reveals she fooled Reggie into signing his signature for a liquor delivery with Mr. Cypher's pen.

Mr. Cypher claims Reggie's soul.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Veronica: Cutting to the chase, would you say that you deserve the hot burning fires of hell?
Nick: As long as you’re holding the pitchfork.
Veronica: Would you sell your soul to the devil for me?
Nick: Whatever it takes.

Don’t you want to see my real face?

The Trash Bag Killer