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Jughead talks in a voiceover about the Ghoulies and how one of the Serpent's princess fell in love with a Ghoulie. The Ghoulies and Serpents fight, but Toni accidentally killed Danny (Darla's son) when he walked in front of her.

Three months later, Toni is in a therapy session telling her therapist that she didn't plan to kill. She couldn't find the strength to apologize to Darla Dickerson.

Veronica and Reggie talk about Reggie's dad being sick in the hospital.

Reggie purchases a car that was similar to the car he owned in high school. He buys it for double value and above book. He cleans up the car, but he has a vision of him in the car driving with a mysterious woman.

Tabitha is frustrated by Jughead for not hanging up the artwork in the apartment. She hammers into the wall and feels a wind; they discover a secret room. The room is filled with scotch bottles and small boats.

The spirit of La Llorona emerges from Sweetwater River.

Dagwood warns Cheryl that someone is trying to drown Juniper. Cheryl saves Juniper in time from being drowned by La Llorona.

Betty thinks about naming her baby either Archie or Polly. Cheryl wants the twins to stay with Alice until they stop the spirit.

Tabitha finds out from the realtor that Jughead knew about the former couple who lived in their apartment. Sam and Diane died in a murder-suicide.

Veronica catches Reggie in a lie; he tells her the truth about him fixing his new car.

Jughead tells Tabitha that Sam was an obsessed painter and Diane killed him with a hammer before killing herself. Tabitha is upset that Jughead kept a secret from her and him having time to make a doorframe.

Betty talks to Toni about Lucinda (a Serpent) drowning her daughter Sandra in a bathtub. The FBI wants to charge Lucinda. Lucinda tells Toni that it was La Llorona who drowned her daughter.

Reggie and Veronica are making out in their car in front of Pop's. Veronica cuts it short when a couple of Rivervale High jocks cheer them on.

Tabitha has a nightmare of her killing Jughead with a hammer.

Tensions flare up with Veronica/Reggie and Jughead/Tabitha in their relationships.

Pop Tate tells Tabitha about a waitress who died in the diner in a deep fryer accident. He says that a riot in the 1980s when all the windows were broken scared off the hauntings.

Veronica chats with Hermosa about her issues with Reggie. She doesn't think she's jealous of "Bella," Reggie's car.

Toni does research about La Llororona and believes the legend could be true. She warns Betty that the spirit could come after unborn babies.

Tabitha is worried that Jughead has started drinking again. Jughead spent another day not writing.

La Llorona visits Betty while she's sleeping. The spirit leaves a wet handprint on her dress.

Tabitha finds a hammer in the fridge. Jughead tells her that he's almost done his novella.

Veronica finds a photo in Reggie's car with a love note on the back. After bumping into Principal Weatherbee, she finds out that it's a photo of Miss Isabella Soprano, the former driver's education teacher who left under mysterious circumstances.

Toni hits the fire alarm after seeing La Llorona in the school. Betty visits Dr. Curdle Jr to discover that she's never been pregnant; she now believes that the spirit is in town and stole her baby.

Betty tells Tabitha she always used to read Jughead's early drafts.

Gina, the social worker, visits Toni on a wellness check for baby Anthony. La Llorona sneaks into the apartment to steal Anthony, but the baby survives after the adults run into the room.

Veronica destroys Reggie's car and confronts him about Miss Soprano. Reggie reveals that he never had an affair with his teacher; she was just the person who talked to him about the abuse caused by his father. Reggie's father recently died in the hospital.

Toni and Betty devise a plan to bring out La Llorona; they need Cheryl's help to stop it. Baby Anthony will be protected at the Whyte Wyrm.

Reggie reaffirms that he and Veronica are fine in their relationship. Veronica buys him a new car as an apology gift.

Cheryl, Toni, Betty, and Nana Blossom conduct a seance to call forth La Llorona. The spirit takes control of Nana Blossom to explain her past and answer their questions. La Llorona is Martha Mare, a nurse in Rivervale who was drowned by the townsfolk.

Nana Blossom reveals Darla Dickerson summoned La Llorona to town.

Tabitha broke into Jughead's desk to read his manuscript; she is drunk and mad at what he wrote. Tabitha begins breaking his bottled ships and she destroys his typewriter. Before she attacks him, she sees Diane's reflection in the mirror. She stops and tells Jughead that she loves him. Jughead says she loves her back.

The ghosts leave Tabitha and Jughead's apartment.

Betty and Toni confront Darla in the graveyard. Darla says the demon can't be stopped until Anthony is dead and in the demon's arms. They discover that La Llorona defeated the Serpents and took the baby to Sweetwater River.

Jughead and Tabitha wonder if their fighting will be resolved now.

Reggie sees a vision of Miss Soprano in his car.

Toni makes an offer to La Llorona to take her place so that Anthony would be saved. Toni thinks she should be punished for killing Danny Dickerson. The spirit agrees and condemns Toni to be the new La Llorona.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Veronica: I can stomach a lot, Reggie, but I will not allow you to romanticize an abusive relationship. She was an adult and she took advantage of you. And this sick obsession with your car is just a continuation of this toxic dynamic.
Reggie: We never did anything. She was the one adult I could trust; the only one I ever told about the abuse going on in my home. She listened to me. She helped me.

I can’t put “Spirit of Vengeance” on my report.