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Jughead performs an introduction similar to the style of The Twilight Zone. He introduces the many different couples and their updates around town.

Fangs and Toni are worried about baby Anthony; they think they'll need to have a doctor check the baby. Meanwhile, Tabitha signs a lease with a real estate agent for her and Jughead's place.

Veronica and Reggie are working out while making deals for their casino. Frank helps Alice fix her broken appliances around the house.

Archie wakes up from a nightmare; he says he heard a bomb from underneath the bed. He tells Betty that he dreamt of a town called, "Riverdale."

Kevin calls Betty and Archie to find a ritualistic site in the woods; there's a severed deer missing its heart. Cheryl and the girls from her boarding school demand that they leave their forest as they'll take possession of the deer.

Dr. Curdle Jr. reveals Anthony has colic. The doctor wants to put a toad in the baby's mouth to perform an old tale to suck the gas out of the baby.

Archie and Betty help Tabitha and Jughead move into their apartment. Betty confirms she thinks she and Archie will end up together.

Cameron, one of Veronica's old New York contacts, thinks Veronica is only doing the Rivervale casino as a stop before coming back to Wall Street. Veronica shuts the comment down and reassures Reggie that she's all in with him.

Tabitha gets scared of a spider; Jughead kills it. Tabitha is worried that killing the spider is bad luck.

During the town meeting, Archie reveals that the town will plant their own maple saplings to harvest their own syrup. The Blossom Maple Groves have run dry in their trees.

At Thornhill, Cheryl thinks the trees are dry due to them not following the old ways; she wants to go into town to stop Archie from planting the saplings.

Betty reveals that she and Archie decided they wouldn't get married because everyone they knew is either divorced or dead. Betty also doesn't want them to rush into having a kid.

Jughead finds cockroaches in his morning cereal.

Cheryl wants to get 13 maple saplings to grow in her woods. Archie refuses since Thornhill isn't a part of the town. Tensions fly between Archie and Cheryl.

Betty gets news from Dr. Curdle Jr. that she's having fertility issues. There are other women in town who are experiencing the same issues.

Fangs tells Toni of a Serpent legend where parents would leave their babies alone overnight in the woods. Toni is apprehensive of the strategy, but Fangs said his mother did it to him.

Reggie and Veronica have sex on a bed of money.

Alice makes a move on Frank, but he turns her down.

Betty makes an offer to Archie about adopting a baby. She tells Archie that she wants to have his baby and raise a child together.

Cheryl helps baby Anthony calm down while holding him. She offers to create the same calming smell for Toni, but Toni has to bear witness to a ritual for Cheryl in exchange.

Tabitha freaks out because she thinks spiders are on her. The next morning, Tabitha and Jughead wake up the next morning covered in welts.

Cheryl and the girls make poppets. They plant them around the forest where the town had planned to plant the saplings. Betty thinks the poppet reminds her of a cold case file from the FBI.

Reggie is mad that Veronica forgot to draw him an office in the casino.

Someone has ripped out all of the maple saplings. Cheryl claims she didn't do it, and she invited the entire town of Rivervale to visit Thornhill for a maple festival.

Betty goes through the cold case and discovers a poppet. There is an "RB" on the back: Rose Blossom. Betty confronts Cheryl about the dead deer and the connection to the case 50 years ago.

Frank apologizes to Alice for what he did. He tells her that his wife and kid were murdered when he was a mercenary. She agrees to go to the maple festival with him.

Tabitha tells Cheryl about the bugs infesting her home. She offers to help remove the bugs, but Tabitha and Jughead would need to join in her ritual. At Thornhill, Cheryl concocts a liquid and teaches the girl a history lesson.

Betty and Archie talk about the poppets, Cheryl's strange behavior, and the town going to the maple festival. Betty tells Archie that they're going to the festival. Betty plans to sneak into Thornhill to find out the truth.

The town attends the maple festival. Cheryl has an idea for how Reggie can get rid of his insecurities about her.

Jughead forces Archie to join him in the pancake eating contest. Archie wins the contest; Jughead reminds Archie that he loves him like a brother.

Cheryl hints to Cheryl and Frank that they could have a future together if they agree to something. Meanwhile, Archie and Reggie compete in a lumberjacking contest; Archie wins the sawing competition. Veronica reminds Reggie that he'll never have to be second fiddle ever again.

Betty and Archie compete in an ax-throwing competition for the final event. Betty wins the competition and becomes the maple harvest queen. Archie is given a pie as the runner-up prize.

Betty reveals the poppets are fertility dolls. She convinces Archie to eat a piece of the pie before they start having sex.

Kevin tells Archie that Betty has been taken by Cheryl and the town for a maple ritual at Thornhill. Cheryl tells Archie that the town of Rivervale will need a sacrifice to bring life back to the maple groves. Cheryl says that women can't be the sacrifices, but only the blood of men can complete the ritual.

It's revealed Betty is pregnant by Archie. Archie is the "maple king" and will be the sacrifice. Everyone plans to sacrifice Archie to help the town and benefit the lives of everyone he cared about.

Cheryl cuts out Archie's heart. Archie dies from the attack.

Jughead, during his outro, states that the drama is only just getting started.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Archie: What is this?
Cheryl: A ritual. For me and for all of us here. Something has been made abundantly clear: if we want our maple trees to thrive again, if we want Rivervale to have a bountiful year in all respects, a sacrifice has to be made. But, the right kind of sacrifice.
Archie: Cheryl, this is insane. I won’t let you sacrifice Betty!

Archie: Cheryl, I’m not a virgin!
Cheryl: No, you’re certainly not. But you have the distinction of being our town’s one true pure heart. We needed a king who was willing to die for his queen. Only he would be worthy.