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Archie comes home from a run to see Percival having a coffee with Frank. Percival wants to do a town census in town; Archie kicks him out of the house.

Abigail Blossom says it's time to bring Tomissina back. She plans to reincarnate Tomissina's soul in Toni's body, which will then kill Fangs. Also, she wants to get revenge on Archie, Betty, and Jughead.

Reggie's dad wants to visit the casino. Reggie and Veronica want to help him feel like a big shot.

Percival's census concludes that the town's biggest worry is about the gang war between the Serpents and the Ghoulies. Toni has met with Twyla Twist to calm down any problems; Percival pushes for the Serpents to disband.

Kevin has hesitations about Baby Anthony being raised by the Serpents.

Archie warns Betty and Jughead about Percival's play to control the town. He thinks Percival has mind control power and that he's manipulating/recruiting all the key players in town. The trio decides they need to recruit their closest friends so that Percival doesn't claim everyone.

Betty, Jughead, and Archie visit "Cheryl" first to join their side. Abigail turns them down until they make amends for what their ancestors have done. After they leave, Abigail forces Britta to bake poisonous cookies for the trio.

A Ghoulie drives by the diner and shoots the place down.

Tabitha warns Toni that Alice and Frank are plotting a secret meeting to remove Toni from the town council. Percival is the one pushing the ploy.

Betty, Jughead, and Archie visit Veronica about Percival's shady plans. Veronica tells them the information about Percival's non-existent past and the dead patron.

During a surprise town council, Percival makes a motion to remove Toni from the town council. Toni takes a stand and makes a speech to the townsfolk.

Veronica is warned that Reggie's dad is $7K in debt. He asks for a loan from Veronica, but she turns him down.

Alice reveals that Toni was voted out of the town council. It was a unanimous vote, except for Tabitha's vote.

Abigail Blossom visits Riverdale High to deliver treats to Archie, Jughead, and Betty. Betty sees a red aura around "Cheryl;" she deduces that the treats were poisoned. Betty warns Archie and Jughead; she gives Jughead a cocktail to flush the poison out of him.

Toni thinks of an idea to turn the Southside Serpents into a political activist group. Fangs isn't confident the idea will work.

A raid is done on Toni and Fangs' apartment. The police fight weapons in a duffle bag; Percival watches nearby.

Fangs is in jail; he admits that he stored the weapons for a battle royale with the Ghoulies. Twyla Twist and the rest of the Serpents want a fight.

Veronica shares her worries with Reggie about his dad. He dismisses the concerns.

Abigail is irritated that Betty, Archie, and Jughead survived her attack. Her next move is going after Toni, but she still plans to go after the trio.

The trio thinks Percival brainwashed "Cheryl" into trying to kill them. They plot to have Jughead listen in on Cheryl's mind.

Abigail delivers roses to Toni, but it's a ploy to get some of Toni's blood. Toni tells Abigail that the Ghoulies want Archie dead.

Marty Mantle reveals that he lost the car dealership in a poker game. Marty begs Reggie to have Veronica chat with the mob to give him back the dealership.

Janet, the social worker, visits Toni for a wellness check on Baby Anthony. Toni experiences deja vu from their time in Rivervale.

Someone has kidnapped Baby Anthony.

Abigail throws a molotov cocktail on Archie.

A search hunt is done to search for Baby Anthony. Archie survived the fire and tells the others about Abigail's attack.

Veronica agrees to help Reggie, but Reggie declines after she wants to cut off Marty.

Twyla Twist and Percival have Baby Anthony. Twyla wants a rumble between the Serpents and the Ghoulies. Toni agrees to the fight if Baby Anthony is delivered safely.

Reggie visits the wise guys to buy the dealership. The mob has raised the value on the price, but Reggie makes a deal to support their illegal dealings.

Britta tells Jughead the truth about Abigail Blossom's hidden plot.

Tabitha discovers that the brawl was a set-up to kill the Southside Serpents. She warns Toni in time to get the Serpents to surrender. Percival tries to get the police to kill the Serpents, but Toni livestreams the encounter.

Reggie coldly tells Veronica that he solved all of Marty's problems.

Betty knocks Abigail out with chloroform.

Toni's bail was made. Percival reveals that the police raided a Ghoulies hideout and killed all the gang members. Twyla Twist escaped the raid; Baby Anthony was recovered and safe with Kevin.

Betty, Archie, Jughead, Britta, and Nana Rose tied Abigail to a stake. They conduct a ritual to free Cheryl from Abigail's grasp.

Percival was voted onto the town council.

Cheryl gained control of her body again. Abigail's spirit was banished to a doll.

Toni is reunited with Baby Anthony. Kevin has filed for primary custody of Baby Anthony.

Marty Mantle is playing cards with the mob. Earlier, a doctor tells Reggie that Marty needs an organ donor; Marty won't last the year without the surgery.

Dr. Curdle Jr tells Betty that the bodies of the Ghoulies died of self-inflicted wounds. They shot the guns at themselves.

Cheryl, Britta, and Nana Rose place Abigail's possessed doll in a glass case with a ritual.

Betty, Archie, and Jughead think Percival wants to destroy Riverdale.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Archie: Cheryl, have you had any private contact from Percival Pickens? Did he stop by to interview you?
Cheryl: For a census? Yes, but I was taking a buttermilk bath, so I couldn’t receive him. Why for?
Betty: We’re worried his intentions for Riverdale aren’t above board.
Jughead: We think he’s recruiting people to his side.
Cheryl: For some nefarious agenda? Honestly, I’d be more worried about an angry mob dragging me into the forest in the middle of the night and burning me at the stake.

Archie: Come on, Cheryl, we’re the good guys.
Cheryl: Spoken like a true villain.