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Jughead is frustrated over losing his hearing.

Archie assembles a big group of friends to help rebuild his house. He still has his super strength; Jughead isn't returning Archie's calls.

Nana Blossom reveals to Britta that she placed Abigail Blossom's soul into Cheryl's body. Cheryl's soul was destroyed when Abigail was placed. Nana Blossom wants Abigail to help get control of the town again for the Blossom family. They plan to start at the council meeting.

Archie finds out about Jughead's hearing loss.

Veronica tells Reggie the truth about Hiram's death. Veronica plans to hold a memorial service at the casino for Hiram's death; she won't tell her grandmother about why Hiram died.

Kevin tells his father that he's staying in town to help take care of Baby Anthony. He agrees to be Sheriff Keller's deputy.

The FBI tells Betty that Glen has gone missing.

Veronica's grandmother isn't surprised about Hiram's death. She introduces her godson to Veronica, and Veronica introduces Reggie. She wants Veronica to say the eulogy for Hiram.

Jughead plans to get an implant after 6 months. He doesn't want to write or learn ASL. He needs to listen to music while writing.

Betty is experiencing migraines while looking at Glen's missing case file. She opens a box and finds a severed body part.

The town is holding a town hall meeting. Veronica reveals to everyone that Hiram is dead. Percival Pickens introduces himself to the group; Abigail Blossom recounts that the Pickens a have history with the Blossoms. Percival has big plans for the city.

Abigail Blossom recognizes Toni as the descendant of her former lover, Tomissina.

Archie checks in on Veronica after the news.

Britta tells Abigail about Toni's story and her history with Cheryl. Abigail wants to meet Toni at Riverdale High.

Betty tells Archie about The Trash Bag Killer's arrival. She thinks Glen is still alive and that TBK will be dropping severed body parts over a stretched time.

Jughead got into an accident on his motorcycle. While Tabitha is arguing with him, Jughead talks in his head.

Betty and the FBI do a search of Riverdale for TBK.

Hermione visits Veronica as she's filming her reality show.

A worker finds a piece of Palladium in Archie's house. He offers to let him keep the piece. Archie doesn't feel the heat from the coffee.

Abigail Blossom wants to adopt Britta; she wants Toni to help her with the process. She plans to go to the Whyte Wyrm for help.

Hermione wants her visit to be a focus for the show. Veronica forces everyone out of the room and she tells Hermione the truth about Hiram's death. Hermione reveals she was jealous of Hiram and Veronica's relationship. Hermione loved the time when it was just her and Veronica in the apartment.

Archie falls through the floor and discovers his hand is bleeding.

Tabitha hires a therapist who can help Jughead through his hearing loss.

The Trash Bag Killer visits Betty at the FBI; he has Glen's severed hand. He threatens her about her close relationship with Archie.

Abigail is upset because Toni is dating Fangs, and Fangs looks like the murderous warlock pirate. She is shocked to hear about the baby. Toni is confused by Cheryl's weird behavior.

Archie and Betty are confused about how their powers have started fading. Betty thinks her weakness is The Trash Bag Killer and that Archie's weakness is Palladium.

Daniel, the therapist, tells Jughead to stay alone for five hours and just write his thoughts.

Hermione asks Veronica to recreate their touching moment together on camera. Veronica reluctantly agrees.

Abigail Blossom gets mad when Nana Blossom insults Toni. She banishes Nana Blossom to a cell; she plans to get Tomissina's descendant first before taking over the town.

Daniel gives Jughead a graphic novel to read.

The assassin plans to kill Veronica, but her grandmother's godson kills him first. She thinks Hermosa set up the hit on her.

Jughead transfers his written words into a graphic novel. He shows Tabitha the mock sketches he did of his first few pages. He and Tabitha kiss in joy.

Dennis finds the Palladium and knocks Archie out.

Someone calls Betty to say TBK is at the end of Sketch Alley. An innocent man says that TBK hired him to deliver a message to Betty; the trash cans have more body parts in them.

Hiram's memorial is held in the casino, and Veronica conducts her eulogy. Everyone cries during her eulogy.

Archie is held prisoner by TBK. TBK reveals that he knew about the Palladium and his conversations with Betty. Alice arrives and demands that Bingo stay at his place; she's tired of taking care of him.

Bingo rushes at TBK and pushes him out of the attic window. Bingo saves Archie's life.

Reggie tells Veronica that he forgives her and will always be there for her. Her grandmother's godson has a recording from Hiram during his final moments.

TBK turned out to be Dennis all along; Dennis was hired through an ad for workers. TBK survived the fall, but he ran off. Betty found Glen's severed head and body parts in the trash cans.

Betty plans to leave Riverdale for a bit to drive TBK out of town.

Veronica listens to Hiram's goodbye recording. Hiram leaves the rum business to her. Veronica breaks down in tears.

Cheryl's soul is still alive; Abigail Blossom can see Cheryl in her mirror reflection. Britta sees the encounter from behind a door.

Jughead hears Tabitha's thoughts. His superpower is reading people's minds.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Jughead: Some things I can do as before: read, eat hamburgers, kiss Tabitha. But there are other things that I may never be able to do again. The fact of the matter is my world shattered. The question now was, how will I rebuild?

Veronica: My father, Hiram Lodge, is dead.
[The crowd murmurs]
Veronica: He died under mysterious violent circumstances. I’m fine, but please, rejoice! Riverdale’s Big Bad will be tormenting us no longer.