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-A man is killed at a Revolutionary War re-enactment. He was hit by a ricochet so the shot wasn't meant for him. When the sniper strikes again, he misses but the victim dies of a heart attack.

-The third strike happens at the first victim's wake but no one is injured, leading detectives to believe their sniper is a lousy shot.

-A car at two of the crime scenes belongs to Kathleen Dunn. Eighteen years ago she was a student of Professor Dwayne Kravitz and accused him of rape. The professor is in charge of the re-enactments.

-Kathleen confesses to the shootings but Maura finds DNA left behind that proves the shooter was male. Turns out Kathleen's son found out his father was a rapist and decided to kill him. The detectives stop him before he can shoot the Professor.

-Maura's mother visits but has little time for Maura. Seeing that her friend is hurt, Jane confronts Mrs. Isles who confides that she feels as though she's been a lousy mother. Jane persuades her to try and change that now. 

-Maura's mom changes her plans and meets with Maura, Jane, and Angela for burgers and milkshakes.

-Korsak confides in Maura that he's feeling poorly. She thinks it might be a heart issue until she sees his diet and assures him it is just gas.

-Korsak finds a sick parakeet and asks Angela to care for it for him. When it dies, Maura switches it for a new parakeet, lying to both Angela and Korsak.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Just know I don't serve coq au vin, I serve coco puffs.


Hey Julia Childs, I could buy a tube of those crescent things and serve them to you in twenty minutes.