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-A husband and wife psychiatric team is shot to death in their office.  Jane and the team investigate.

-Jane is kidnapped by one of the doctor's patients. The team must piece together a partial print to track down their suspect.

-Dominic was being treated by the doctor for a delusional disorder. He has Jane chained to a bed and on camera. He believes they are married. Dominic was in prison for stalking a maiming a girl after throwing acid in her face.

-Frost finds the camera feed online and with Jane's commentary are able to track down the building where she is being held and save her.

-Angela runs into a pregnant girl named Lydia.  Lydia was her ex-husband's fiance but he left her.  Maura tells Jane she wonders whether the baby could be Tommy's.  They share the information with Frankie and Angela.

-Lydia suffers from gestational diabetes and Maura rushes her to the hospital.

-A drunken Dr. Pike confesses to Maura that he is in love with her but he doesn't remember the admission the next day.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

OK, please don't show me your womb.


Is that why you shot Dr. Eve? She didn't have stretch marks.