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-Rachel is found strangled to death in an abandoned steam tunnel under her college campus. She was a geologist and avid environmentalist. 

-A second body, Paul McNamara is found in the water beyond the tunnels. The autopsy proves he was killed in the same tunnels.  He was a professor and an zealous opponent of fracking. 

-Rachel was working with her yoga master Matthew on a geological survey of his property when she realized he was illegally fracking.  She contacted McNamara and Matthew killed them both.

-Jane and Maura are still fighting.  They end up on a road trip to check out the lakes on Matthew's property. When he realizes Jane's a cop he runs the car off a rural road. Maura's injured and Jane must cut open her leg to save it.

-Matthew and his men tie the woman up inside their car and place it in a drainage area where they will shortly drown.  Jane is able to text Korsak their location using Morris code and he rescues them.  Matthew is arrested.

-Jane's father returns to say he's getting married and wants an annulment from Angela so he can remarry in the church.  Tommy shares with Maura that he's slept with his step-mother to be.

-Jane and Maura finally make up.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Love the smell of deco in the morning.


You want food? Go hunt and gather.