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-David Sutton, a honors science and drivers ed teacher is killed in a hit and run. Turns out he was blackmailing his students for sex. 


-The initial hit and run looks like an accident but three girls stick together, each confessing to the crime. With no evidence to point to just one of the girls, the prosecutor can't press charges when the detectives are unable to break their stories. 


-Jane sprains her ankle but refused to go to the hospital to get it checked out.


-Martinez takes Jane's car for the drug unit. Later he walks in on her speaking with Cassey on the computer while he's overseas. 


-Later, Jane is shocked when Lt. Martinez hits on her. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Raphael's even sexier half naked.


Jane: I hate you.
Maura: You don't hate me, you just hate feeling vulnerable.