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A severed foot washes up on the beach. It was sawed off the body. The shoe shows the person was a runner. Later the rest of a torso washes up as well. The limbs have been sawed off. During the autopsy, Maura realizes that the body has been poisoned with cyanide. Unfortunately the foot and the torso are from two different bodies. 

A newscaster keeps showing up at the scene whenever the police arrive. Jane thinks they have a leak in the department. Nina finds the leak. It’s Chip, the forensic artist. He later thanks Jane for getting him fired. It’s given him the inspiration to get his comic book published. Jane is now the vigilante superhero in the story.

One victim, Richard O’Connell had a serious spinal disease. He found a sound healer, Mark Murray, that he thought could help but Dr. Murray’s license had been suspended by the AMA. Dr. Murray has fled his office but left a bloody saw behind.

Bob Burke, Dr. Murray’s assistant is found poisoned with cyanide. Before he passes out, he tells Jane that Dr. Murray thinks of himself as a god. When patients didn’t respond to Dr. Murray’s treatments, he’d kill them so the world would never know he’d failed. Burke is terrified that Murray will find him at the hospital and kill him. 

Burke refuses to have a toxicology screen and leaves the hospital. Turns out he was never poisoned. He drank almond extract to make it appear as though he was. Bob Burke is the real killer. He ties up his police guard and flees the hospital in the police uniform. 

Angela is depressed about her lack of success in her job hunt. It seem like everyone only wants to hire 22-year-olds. She ends up working as a bartender at Korsak’s bar, the Dirty Robber. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Nobody wants to hire a woman of a certain age. They want to hire a 22-year-old.


Jane: Is there anything you haven’t seen once before?
Korsak: You cutting me slack.