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Dylan Blyer, owner of a clothing company, walks into his second story office to find someone stealing files from his computer. The two argue before Dylan falls to his death over the balcony. They mystery man runs off.

Turns out Dylan was actually poisoned hours earlier which is what caused him to fall over the balcony railing. He wasn’t pushed. The mystery man is Jerry, a private investigator. Even though Korsak and Jane instinctively don’t trust Jerry because of his occupation, he has photos showing Jerry was at a yoga class when he was poisoned and he also has Dylan’s travel mug which is actually a video camera.

Dylan suspected that his logistics company was distributing drugs through his clothing line. The video footage shows them unloading packages that could be drugs but it isn’t proof and drug sniffing dogs turn up nothing at the warehouse.

Stanton Ward, the owner of Ward logistics figures out that Jerry has the video and has his men abduct Jerry. Jane and the team come to the rescue just as Jerry gets Ward to confess to poisoning Dylan while all the cops are listening. 

Frankie fails his fire arms test. First because he wants excuse to meet with Alexandra, the beautiful trainer and then he fails a second time because he’s so distracted by her. Finally he passes when he finds out she has a wife and children. 

Jane is worried about how much Angela is spending now that she has a full time job and several credit cards so she asks Maura to speak with her about it. But Angela finds Maura’s stash of items that she buys when she’s stressed leading to a discussion about spending. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

I like my story better because it's what happened.


Jane: What were you doing there?
Korsak: Making our lives harder.