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Woman with a dog walks through the woods. Dog runs away. Eventually the owner finds him. He is staring at a body in a cage in a ravine.

Maura picks lint off Jane's shoulder. Jane is annoyed. Maura uses the lint brush as a fencing instrument. Angela comes in and makes her give her the jacket.

It turns out that Jane has sat on a couch with a hole in it. The duct tape has come off. The hole was created by Jane's former dog. Maura thinks Jane should replace the couch. She doesn't want to.

Maura wants to give Jane a couch and claims the old couch poses a health risk. Jane worries about malaria as they are being attacked by mosquitos.

Vince says the victim is a white female teen, no ID but new clothes so the girl was probably not homeless. No struggle or drag marks. No cameras at entrance points. Maura says she was killed less than five hours ago.

Nina and Frankie discuss UFOs and space. Frankie says he saw a UFO as a kid just as Nina says UFO sighters are dellusional.

Nina found three kids who were truant from school. They find the victim is a 16 year old named Sheila Macintyre.

Maura shows Jane fabric swatches when she comes to talk about the body. Maura tries to guess what color Jane would like. Jane doesn't want to trade in her "old friend." She just wants to know cause of death.

Maura finds loss of calcium, suggesting anorexia. There is a puncture wound in her neck--perhaps a fatal overdose of a fast-acting drug. No sexual assault. Blood in cage was animal blood. Hair fibers were wild animals - squirrel, raccoon, dog. Jane thinks killer was practicing before killing a human.

Frankie says Sheila was a mentor to other girls at school. She was treated for anorexia since freshman year. No boyfriends, the girls all hang out together. Sheila was walking to school in the woods. Frankie is searching for criminals with similar MOs in the hopes of finding out how Sheila ended up in a cage.

Jane can't rest til she finds something to move case forward. Maura has a preliminary tox screen. Negative for illegal drugs (heroin, cocaine and marijuana) Maura shows off her purple jacket to try to get Jane to get a new couch.

Nina says the cage was made by a company that makes animal traps. Frankie informs her he doesn't believe in UFOs. Nina is doubtful as he denies having really seen one. He walks out without the list of vendors who sell the cages.

Kevin Foley comes to see Maura. They exchange compliments. He says he saw a photo of Maura at a crime scene. He asks her if the victim was assaulted. Maura can't tell him. He asks if she has a suspect. She wants to know why he wants to know and he runs away, clearly freaked out.

Jane comes into the office. She tells Vince about Maura's visit. Vince says the guy is a doctor and was trying to give info without violating confidentiality. But Jane thinks he might be the killer.

Jane approaches Foley. He doesn't want to talk to her and says he can't help her. He asks her to leave him alone. Jane accuses him of killing Sheila. He says his animal studies did not involve harming animals and he could not hurt a girl. He walks off but Jane follows him and tells him to do the right thing.

Frankie thinks the killer is one of Foley's patients. Vince says they'll never get a warrant and Frankie adds security cameras won't help. Tox screen shows the drugs were euthanizing agents. Jane wants to cross reference the drugs with a DEA list to try to find suspects.

Maura says the killer was a first-time killer and that the cage was for the ritual. Drugs have side effects. So he put her in the cage and watched her die.

Angela calls and asks Jane to come over to the bar after Maura restrains herself from talking about the couch.

Angela gives Jane some fabric swatches underneath some mini cakes. Jane says her decision is she likes her couch. She doesn't want to be obligated to Maura. Angela says there is no obligation. Jane calls Maura and asks her what she would do if she spilled food on the new couch. Maura has an entire plan. Angela agrees that it is unsanitary for Jane not to clean up spilled pizza. Jane says she wants the couch she has. Dr. Foley calls to make an appointment with Jane, ending the conversation.

Vince and Jane show up but Foley doesn't appear to be available. Receptionist goes to check and gets no answer when knocking on his door even though his light is on. Jane and Vince break in. Place is ransacked and there is blood on the walls. Foley has been stabbed and is dead.

Vince and Jane search and find a teenage boy hiding in the closet begging them not to hurt him.

The kid is Daniel O'Neill, 16 - no other info. Jane is confused. Foley knew they were coming. Maybe he was trying to make the kid turn himself in. Forensics shows blood splatter consistent with the kid being the stabber but Maura can't prove it.

Daniel was homeschooled and superbright. His prints were on the letter opener used to kill Foley. Daniel is  in interrogation with his parents and refuses to talk to Jane. His parents says he witnessed a crime and it's traumatic.Parents are shocked that evidence shows their son is the killer. Daniel won't say what he talked about with Foley. He was there not at his regular time. He says Foley told him to come in. He begins crying after being questioned and says Foley was molesting him and he was gonna tell. Vince doesn't believe him but the DA says that a jury will buy it and won't file charges. The DA says that Jane is right that they can get a subpoena for Daniel's psychiatric records based on his accusation. He is released to his parents' custody for the time being. 

Jane is frustrated that Daniel's therapy records don't show anything about murder or violence. She asks Maura about Foley's notetaking. She says Foley practiced narrative therapy and there are no narratives in the notes. Jane thinks Daniel took them but they weren't on him when he was found. 

Maura says Daniel's only passion was volunteering at an animal shelter--he might have got the cage/drugs there.

Receptionist knows nothing about the narrative notes. Vince thinks the notes were misfiled and sent to Daniel's new doctor. Receptionist is defensive. Vince breaks her down by giving her a photo of the victim. Receptionist says girl looks familiar and that she will search for the missing notes.

Frankie scares Nina by coming up behind her. Nina has a gift for Frankie: a telescope he can put on the roof to look for UFOs. Nina thinks anything is possible so there might be life in space after all.

Jane goes to the police parking lot. She sees Daniel on a bike. He claims to just be out for a ride and says he knows she was sniffing around the shelter. Jane says he quit the shelter because they don't kill dogs anymore. He says he's a kid and she shouldn't pick on him before riding off.

Vince has 15 narratives for Maura to look at. They are searching for evidence of psychopathy. Vince wonders if his parents knew something was wrong with him. He finds a passage Daniel wrote about fire. Maura finds a written plan that sounds like Sheila's murder. But the narratives aren't enough because a defense attorney could say Daniel was forced to write them. Jane wants to get him committed but Vince says when he's 18 he'll get himself released.

Jane asks Daniel's mother to talk. She sees Daniel standing at the top of the steps  and is scared to talk. Jane promises on a napkin that she won't let Daniel hurt his mother. She wants the mother to help get her son committed, emphasizing the note over and over as she asks for her help. Jane says she will take the mother to her office.

 In the parking lot, Jane says she left the paperwork upstairs and leaves the mother in the car. Daniel comes and demands she open the door. He tries to break in and the mother and Jane both pull guns on him. H says he's just a kid as he is arrested.

Vince says that Sheila worked with another doctor in the same building as Foley for a while. Jane wonders why Daniel picked her. Vince says because she fit in the cage.

Maura bought Jane a new plain couch. Jane is not happy about it. 

Jane gets a call. Her apartment is on fire.

Angela and Frankie find Jane looking at the remains of her building, looking upset.  Her new couch is delivered to her in front of the apartment with a note. Everyone starts laughing. 



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It looks like low-grade cheap rubber.