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A woman dusts some knick knacks with a white feather duster. Suddenly she runs to the door, sobbing, and tries to open it. She cannot. A man sitting in a nearby chair gets up.

Later, the woman's body is seen hanging from the ceiling. 

Jane and Maura discuss how Angela is not around. Maura wants a girls' night rather than going to a hockey game. They plan to see a movie at home and eat dinner. Maura wants a movie with substance, not Iron Man 3. She keeps suggesting movies with dead daughters.

Angela comes in and is invited but she can't.  She tells them she is taking a cooking class at night. She claims to love French food.

Jane and Maura are called to a crime scene. It is at a body farm for studying human composition. They found a body that doesn't belong here. There is a camera that tracks decomposition.

The mystery body has been there about a month. Maura needs to do an autopsy to determine cause of death.

A teacher who works there tells Jane and Vince that groundskeepers, grad students, etc have access to the property. He claims the operation is flawless, which Vince contests. He explains that corpses are donated and when they come in they are notated and placed on a map.

Jane fills Maura in on what she learned at the body farm. Incidentally, Frankie doesn't know anything about Angela taking a cooking class.

Maura couldn't get prints off the body. Can do a tox screen through the hair. She believes the victim was mid 30s and was buried in house slippers and robe. The woman's wounds were consistent with a suicide by hanging. Jane is puzzled about how the body got to the body farm.

Frankie thinks maybe there was a ritualistic killing. Vince is looking at missing persons. Frankie can't get a list of missing persons from Professor Carlson so she tells him to go sit in Carlson's chair til he gets it.

Jane goes to the bar to talk to Angela. She tells her it's great she's enjoying her class and wants to know what she's made so far. Angela says a French dip. She says she put the roast in the oven... Jane interrupts to remind her of how Frankie once made up a story about breaking a lamp. Angela admits she's really taking ice skating. Jane doesn't like it because Angela is not athletic and is accident prone. Their argument is interrupted by Jane getting a call, but Jane insists Angela will get hurt and makes her promise to give up ice skating.

At the body farm, Jane fills Maura in on Angela. There is also another body. This one has  been shot in the head.

Maura gives Vince an update. The victim wore t-shirts and jeans from American Wear and a broken kneecap. The only identifying info was a long blond hair on his t-shirt. DNA shows the female victim had contact with the male victim shortly before her death.

Jane thinks maybe the woman was involved in the man's murder, but Vince thinks she was just a witness. Frankie is looking for missing couples. He found a married couple missing for the past 12 months. The husband may have been murdered then--but what was the wife doing? The woman's sister reported her missing.

Suzie tells Nina and Frankie that she didn't get a hit on the bullet. She also has t-shirts for them from her trip to Maine and a live lobster for Frankie. Frankie tries to give Suzie the lobster back. She insists it looks like him.

Jane and Vince interview the sister. She couldn't believe her sister left without saying goodbye. Police said no foul play; the woman just quit her job and moved away without telling anyone. She gives them photos. The pair were free spirits. The brother in law broke his leg just above the leg. Jane breaks the news to her that they may have found the couple's bodies. She can provide dental records as she has the same dentist they did.

Vince says the dental records are a match. He catches Frankie putting the lobster in Jane's desk and tries to warn him about this joke.

Frankie tells Vince that the couple had no criminal records, no proof of an affair gone wrong. Vince is puzzled by this crime. He and Frankie review the case and Vince says the list of people who had access to the body farm are his only lead.

Maura comes home with a sausage and onion to a depressed looking Angela on the couch. Turns out Angela hurt her ankle. Maura tells her its sprained and she has to stay off her feet as much as possible. Angela doesn't want Jane to know because she doesn't want to hear Jane's disapproval. Maura says that Jane will notice Angela limping.

Jane and Maura discuss Angela. Jane thinks Angela shouldn't be skating at her age. Maura says that Jane is triggered by this for some reason. Anyway, Suzie found ketamine in the female victim, Bonnie's, system, which would have allowed someone to control this victim.

Jane is about to rant about what happened when Frankie and Nina tell her about a groundskeeper that Carlson found on the property around the time the male victim was killed. Jane is distracted by the lobster smell. In any case, they are bringing Carlson in for questioning.

Carlson denies being there at the time but eventually admits it. He was checking out the body farm one night and found fresh dirt and wheel marks. He was agitated because this kind of thing wasn't supposed to happen on his watch. There is no explanation for why he is dirty. Jane asks him where he was the first four days of last month. He says he was at a conference in Atlanta and shows them his phone calendar as proof.

Frankie had to get rid of the lobster since Jane didn't discover it. He brought it to the dentist's office. The dentist has a salt water tank.

Jane double checks with Maura on the time of death for Bonnie. Carlson has an alibi. Jane wonders why kill the victim after 11 months. Maura thinks he was a psychopath and was trying to fulfill a fantasy. It's been five weeks so he's probably looking for his next victim.

Vince confirms Carlson's alibi. Frankie tells Jane he has two missing women who fit the profile for the killer's type. Jane interviews the co-worker of the accountant, Sarah. The woman says it was a mistake. Sarah disappeared, then sent a letter of resignation. Jane asks for the letter. She then asks Frankie to read her Bonnie's letter. It is word for word the same as Sarah's letter. Thus both were written by the killer.

The team searches for a connection between the victims. Nina finds out that the same person, Jeffrey Tyler, delivered water to both victims. He quit 11 months ago. Jane thinks his water cart could account for the wheel marks Carlson saw by the fresh grave.

The team searches Tyler's apartment but he is not there. They find family photos. Bonnie was put in a  housecoat like the one Tyler's mother wore in the picture. Jane tells Frankie to get Nina to find out everything she can about Tyler's family. They search the apartment for clues as to where Sarah is being held. Frankie finds a 22 caliber gun.

Maura calls. Tyler has a history of mental illness and a criminal history of assault and battery of women. His mother was hanged by his father in 1978. The father controlled the mother. This could be what set him off. Nina finds a deed for the home owned by Tyler's parents.

A woman (presumably Sarah) is stumbling around with a knife. She tries to open the front door of the house and cannot. Suddenly, a man comes in and says he warned her not to go near that door. He wants to know where his dinner is. He is angry that his dinner is not on the table. The woman points the knife at him.He grabs her and the knife. Jane and Frankie burst in and the man is arrested. Jane hugs the woman.

Jane comes to see Angela, who is just leaving the bar. Jane has a movie for tonight. Angela says she's going out to the ice rink. Jane struggles to keep her opinion to herself. She apologizes for trying to tell Angela what to do. Angela thanks her for caring about her and admits she shouldn't be skating at her age. She doesn't like being on the ice. She does it for a guy she met who loves hockey and skating. Jane says she was upset that Angela was doing this without her. She has wanted to ice skate with Angela since she was a little girl. Angela apologizes for never having time when Jane was little. They embrace.

Jane comes home. She got Thelma and Louise for them to watch. Maura says it is not an action movie; it's a chick flick. They bicker about it. Maura says they are like Thelma and Louise because they've found a connection despite their uniqueness. Jane refuses to tell Maura about Angela because she says that Jane is dark and shady.



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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: What kind of French food do you love?
Angela: I love it all. French toast, French fries..

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but I miss her.