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Two teenagers in the back of a car, brother and sister, constantly taunting each other while stuck in bad traffic with their parents. The father is busy yelling at them and doesn't see a big truck back into them. A refrigerator falls out of the truck along with a dead body.

Jane is taking a bunch of stuff out of the fridge. Angela comes in and objects to Jane taking food. Jane decides to eat leftover fried chicken anyway. She wonders where it came from and eventually gets Angela to admit it came from the daughter of her newest boyfriend. Angela is not forthcoming because she says Jane is too nosey. She refuses to give Jane a name of her latest beau. Jane muses about having Angela followed.

At the crime scene, Maura and Jane continue discussing Angela's situation. Jane is jealous that she doesn't know anything about the guy and his daughter knows Angela.

Vince interrupts to talk about the case--the guy whose body was found on the road. Maura and Vince get into a side discussion about the guy's fancy suits.

The victim has been dead about 24 hours and has been shot at close range. Too sloppy to  be a professional hit.

Nina tells Frankie she is searching missing persons. Angela calls Vince to tell him about a plumbing problem at the bar. He also tells Frankie to take some vacation days to take care of the problem. He swears it is Angela's idea.

At the morgue, all Maura has found is the gunshot wound, which is 38 caliber. He was probably shot somewhere else. Maura also tells Jane that the FBI is here.

Rizolli introduces herself to the FBI guy and asks him who asked him here. It was Maura, by accident because she ran the victim's prints. He is a guy with a ton of aliases but the FBI won't give her any more info, despite wanting all the info she has.

The FBI guy agrees to a trade of info. Maura says there were dense fibers on the body like from a jacket, antiseptic (liquid bandaids) on his fingertips, and gold crowns on his teeth. FBI says the guy is Czech and that he is a big time thief.

Vince and Jane talk about the case. Jane is frustrated that FBI won't tell her about the type of thief. Vince thinks he was killed during a robbery. They go to a spot where the fridge was supposedly picked up from and realize it's too obvious a place. They interview the truck driver. He tells the truth: he got it from a warehouse on Franklin and didn't think about the extra weight when he put it on the truck. He swears he didn't know there was a body.

Frankie tells Angela that the pipes are impossible to fix. The mess was made by Frankie's father so Angela insists he fix it himself.

Evidence from the fridge suggests that the victim was an art thief, yet no art has been reported stolen. Jane goes to check with Maura about the art theft theory.  Maura says she found primer on the fibers. It might have come from an art canvas.

There are many museums in the area. One, the Peabody, had a previous incident where 13 paintings were stolen.

Maura tells Jane about a oval shaped adhesive on the suit. This could be from a sticker from the Boston Museum of Art. The guy had cased the museum, visiting regularly before pulling off a robbery. Perhaps the robbery led to the murder.

At the museum, some things are being moved when Vince and Jane walk in to talk to the director. They talk to him. He knows who they are and insists nothing is missing. He refuses to talk further. Vince asks him about the paintings in storage. He says they're accounted for and won't show them security cameras or surveillance footage without a subpeona. He says the appearance of theft will scare away patrons and donors.

Nina shows Vince and Jane financial records, which suggest that the museum director is not likely to be involved. FBI comes by and wants to know what their theory is. FBI thinks Jane underestimates him. Jane says it's the other way around and they'll solve the case themselves. But FBI has surveillance maps. He says private security says nothing is wrong at the museum so he doesn't understand why they were there. Vince says that means they won't get a warrant. Jane doesn't understand why the guy is dead if he didn't steal anything.

At the bar, Angela wants to know if Frankie fixed the pipes. He says no, he repaired the past and redeemed the family name. Angela wants to put his name on a plaque in the bathroom. Frankie tries to find out the name of Angela's boyfriend and warns her that Jane won't let it go. Suddenly, water bursts out from the middle of tbe bar and starts flooding everywhere.

Maura is reading a book when Jane comes by. She says lab analysis shows the period of time the paint comes from and that the paint chips are from paint sold today. Jane gets an idea. Maybe the guy repainted a copy of a painting and replaced the original with a fake. Maura says to look for paintings with a lot of cobalt blue and do comparative analysis, but Jane thinks the director won't go for that. She doesn't want FBI to help her either. Maura says they can't turn away a friend of the museum.

Jane and Maura go to a museum fundraiser dressed to the nines. They plan to search for the painting before the curator catches them.

Maura gives Jane an analysis of a painting. Shortly after, they run into FBI. He claims to be a sustaining member of the museum

Angela calls to invite her to dinner with her new boyfriend. Jane says she is only being invited because Angela knows she can't come.

Maura found something--a Thomas Moran painting that has subtle differences in the brush strokes and isn't fitted into the frame exactly right. The only way to prove it, though, is to sample the paint. However, she can email a friend in Madrid to get his opinion.

Jane sees FBI talking to the director and wants to know how sure Maura is. She asks Maura to get her a drink. She steals a paint sample using her napkin and alcohol while Maura is not next to her.

Frankie sits in the ruined bar alone. Suzie and Nina come with some equipment.  They don't know what's going on. Frankie wishes he had a time machine to get Angela to rethink her choice of husband. He tells them they don't have to stay but they want to.

Maura compared the samples, but Vince overhears and wants to know how they got one before she can give any news. Jane stammers through an explanation that mainly blames Maura. Jane makes up a story about falling into the painting and scraping it by accident. Vince says it's vandalism. Maura says the paint samples match, proving the painting is a forgery. However, Vince points out they still don't have the killer who wanted the real painting.

The curator looks sad as the painting is taken away. He wants to assist in the recovery of the painting, but Vince and Jane say his security system is out of date and that's why he didn't want to cooperate earlier. The Moran was on loan from an anonymous donor. The director says he will give them the donor's name.

Vince and Jane visit the donor's home. The donor is the wife of the director of public safety, Sam, who is not at the meeting with them. She says the painting belonged to her father. She felts selfish keeping it to herself so she donated it to the museum for a fundraiser. She donated anonymously because she doesn't like her charitable contributions to be known, plus art brokers were bothering her. One collector offered her $40 million. She gives them a name.

At the office, FBI appreciates Jane cluing him in. Jane needs his help. They go to the lab, where Maura is looking at the forgery. There is an authentic painting underneath the forgery. FBI says this is very common. Jane thinks the forger is the murderer while FBI thinks it's the collector. FBI says the crime doesn't match anyone in the art crimes database. He doesn't think he needed to share the database's existence with Jane.

Nina asks Suzie for help tracking down the original painting's author. Suzie uses her art history knowledge to determine the painting is American from around 1840, and influenced by Thomas Kohl. She suggests looking at the National Academy. She finds a name. Nina finds a painting by the same artist that was in Bennington but remained in storage. They realize this is the painting underneath the forgery.

FBI found the art broker. They stopped him at O'Hare on the way to Copenhagen. Meanwhile the cops have a suspect, an artist turned art teacher at a community college. 

The cops go to the suspect's home, guns drawn, and break in when there's no answer at the door.  They find wire in the fireplace--the original painting has been destroyed.

FBI says this was done to destroy evidence of involvement. He couldn't sell the painting once the cops were onto the forgery. Nina says the suspect's car was seen at the Harbor Marina.

At the Marina, the cops approach a boat and order the suspect out. No answer. They find him dead by suicide in the boat. 

At the bar, the toilet flushes and Frankie announces the bathroom is fixed. Jane gloats about Frankie not knowing how he fixed the toilet. He gives a receipt for a plumber to Angela. Maura supports his decision. Angela is not happy that it cost her $842. Vince asks her about her new man, but says he supports her right to privacy. She tells Vince the guy's name is Ron and Jane jumps out of nowhere to announce she knows the guy's name. Angela has a poker face as Jane tries to guess Ron's last name.

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Angela: Why do you need to know everything?
Jane: Why do you have a secret chicken friend?

Angela: It's rude to take other people's food without asking.
Jane: It's not rude when the other people are your mother.