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In some kind of auto repair facility, Suzie is looking at a crime scene. She says she's done. She starts putting stuff in an ambulance. There is a noise and she looks around as she gets in the ambulance and starts it. Another car starts and pulls out as she leaves.

At home, Jane is complaining about the traffic she sat in for the last hour. Maura is looking at some kind of spa, and Jane thinks it's weird and doesn't want to do it. She finds some kind of treatment that comes with wine. The phone rings.

Jane offers the spa for a Patriots game as they approach the crime scene. Vince looks upset as he asks to talk to Jane.

Maura asks why there are two MEs on the same case. Jane tells her that Suzie is dead.

Frankie says that a neighbor called in the crime. The front door was open but her purse is still here so it was not a robbery.

Maura wants to look at the body. She slowly unzips the bag, looks at Suzie's face, then quickly closes it again. She asks for the findings.

Time of death was around 1 AM, and Suzie was killed by a blow to the back of the head. She probably never saw her attacker.

Jane wants to know what the killer was looking for, while Frankie thinks Suzie might have known her killer.

Vince finds a bunch of evidence and over $5000 in Suzie's walls. Frankie does not believe Suzie was corrupt.

Drake and Maura talk about Suzie. Drake says he's sorry and he knows how hard it is because he lost people in Afghanistan.

Maura must recuse herself from the autopsy but wants to see the results as soon as possible.

Vince wants to dig into Suzie's life and Frankie gets offended, saying that Suzie was not dirty. Nina thinks maybe Suzie was taking bribes to alter evidence. She thinks they need to match the evidence to cases. They ask Maura.

Maura gets angry and says Suzie would never tamper with evidence. She agrees to look and says that without labels they could have come from anywhere. Maura agrees to test them for DNA and prints. Vince also asks for a list of Suzie's recent cases. Maura also wants to call the governor because this puts the integrity of all their cases in jeopardy.

Vince sees Jane slamming a morgue drawer angrily. She gets in the elevator with him.

Frankie and Jane decide to go to the crime scene Suzie was checking out. Meanwhile, Drake finds Suzie's fingerprints on the cash. He suggests her killer put her prints on the cash, but there's no proof. Maura asks him to take the lead on the case.

Frankie says the crime scene was a homicide and that it's a waste of time because she was killed 6 miles from there. Frankie thinks Suzie was followed home, but there was no forced entry or call to set up a meeting. Frankie is starting to have doubts about Suzie's integrity.

Angela thinks Jane can clear this up because she and Maura knew Suzie and would know if she was crooked. Angela thinks they need time to grieve and remember things like her favorite food. 

Maura gets a call from the governor and Angela and Jane threaten to tell her embarrassing bad memories.

Maura is suspended from duty because of the potential scandal.

Jane confronts Drake about giving the governor a full report. She is angry that Maura got suspended. and that the autopsy report is not ready. He gives her the report.

Drake looked through Suzie's recent cases. He found that there was no missing evidence in any case for the last six months. The autopsy confirmed that Suzie was killed with something heavy like a tire iron. There were metal shards in her skull. He also thinks the body was compressed for an hour or so, like it was wrapped in something. Perhaps the body was moved after death.

Frankie thinks the evidence and cash was also planted. But Jane says how did they get it inside without anyone noticing?

Jane calls Vince. She asks what if someone else was driving Suzie's car? The garage footage is too dark to tell. Vince wants to look for the tarp or blanket, but the trash truck is coming. He tells the driver this area is a crime scene and to stop all trash collection.

Jane calls Maura but she refuses to risk helping while suspended because of the office's reputation being on the line. Jane tells her to find something to do.

Vince says that they found the tarp. It had dried blood and hair in it. Thus the whole crime scene was probably staged. Jane realizes someone framed Suzie after her death.

Lab confirms the blood on the tarp was Suzie's. Frankie cross referenced a bunch of Suzie's cases to try to find the killer. Jane wants to hang on to the autopsy report. She promises not to give it to Maura.

Maura is vacuuming when Angela comes in. Angela asks what's going on. Maura says she's trying to keep busy. Angela tells her that Jane found proof clearing Suzie. But  Maura still has to wait for the suspension to lift. She doesn't want anyone to think they manufactured proof clearing Suzie to avoid a scandal.

Angela asks her what she thinks of some chemical that she can't pronounce. Maura realizes Jane sent her. Angela drops the papers and asks Maura to pick them up. Maura gives her a message for Jane with a lot of technical terms.

Jane gives Drake coffee and he asks her if she spit in it.

He found pigskin in the tarp. But Suzie wasn't wearing leather, so it could have come from the killer. There was also smoke residue. Jane has the message from Maura written on her hand. Drake agrees to do it. He asks what the murder has to do with a painting. These tests have to do with paint thinner.

Nina finds a rape case for next month where Suzie was looking at DNA. Jane asks for the file on the art thief/killer. The chemicals Maura was talking about were found in the burnt painting. Suzie made several calls about the painting.

Vince says there was a third person involved with the forger/murderer. Suzie talked to a professor about the type of wood used in the frame. Maura brings Jane dinner (but none for Frankie).

Maura downloaded all of Suzie's work. Suzie was focused on the fire. She sent everything back for additional analysis. She found paint stripper. Thus the burned painting was another forgery and everything was staged. Probably Charlie Ganz was killed too.

Suzie was probably killed by someone she talked to, since the file was confidential.

Maura sits by herself, looking sad.

Vince and Jane arrive at a mansion to talk to the people who owned the painting. They claim not to have to talked to Suzie--perhaps the staff did. The husband says Suzie was taking bribes and that he was outraged by the corruption. His wife is cooperative and wants to know what is needed. They ask to speak to the staff.

Frankie calls Jane. FBI says the guy who wanted to buy the Moran painting got a call a few days ago from a burner cell. Jane asks Frankie to call the number. The phone rings, identifying the killer and starting a chase. He asks for a lawyer when he is arrested.

Interrogation room. Jane comments the guy doesn't look upset. They don't have enough to hold him.

Nina finds that the suspect was in the service and worked for Langdon. Langdon is considering running for governor, so maybe he stole the painting to finance it.

Langdon apologizes to Jane and Vince for his accusations. He wants to help. He says he is shocked that the suspect, Kirk, killed anyone. He says he was changed in Iraq and he's been worried about his mental health. 

The suspect is taken out in handcuffs to hear Langdon say that he is mentally unhinged. He claims that it was all Langdon's idea. Langdon is arrested.

Maura is in her office. Drake welcomes her back. She invites him to a celebration of Suzie's life at the Dirty Robber. She also gives him back his phone, which he left in the office.

Maura gives a eulogy for Suzie. Nina plays music from Suzie's iPod that she listened to when she worked. Maura is surprised that it is something hard rock/metallic. Drake surprises everyone by knowing the song (despite having just objected to iPods in the lab) Everyone dances in  honor of Suzie's memory.








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Frankie: I, uh, never knew she'd been skydiving.
Maura: She asked me to join her. Now I wish I had.

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