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In a creepy opening, the wind blows, a tire rotates and a kid reads comic books under his blanket. He turns off his flashlight and jerks up because there's a noise. He tiptoes to the window... and outside two guys are fighting. 

The kid is freaked out by his mother coming in and telling him he should be in bed. His mother thinks he's making up a story about the two guys as the street is not empty. She tells him not to read any more comics right before bed and leaves. But outside there's a very bloody body....

Maura is reading the DSM-5. Jane informs her she doesn't have a mental disorder. She doesn't understand why Maura is researching mental disorders. Maura can't do nothing and is worried about her cognitive symptoms worsening. 

Angela interrupts. She comes in with a bunch of books. Apparently she is taking the GED. She didn't want them to know, apparently, since her study buddy Max spills the beans.

Jane is surprised her mom never graduated high school. Dad thought it was a waste of time. It's been bothering her so she's taking the GED. She gets hugs from Jane and Maura. Max is apparently a stoner who dropped out to grow weed. Jane gives Maura her freaked-out look as Max and Angela leave.

At a crime scene Jane rants that her dad had no right to stop her mom from graduating high school. Vince says the body is a zombie. He has fake intestines on top of his stomach but real blood and injuries. They don't know who he is yet. He had four wallets hidden in booster pants. He may have been a pickpocket.

Frankie talks to the little boy, who is very excited about the zombies. He seems to know a lot more about zombies than Frankie does, but gives no useful info. On his way out he says he'd recognize the zombie if he saw it again.

Vince discovers the zombie was on his way to ZombieCon. Vince, Jane and Frankie bring their investigation to the convention. Frankie finds it awesome. Jane, not so much.

After some silly banter about whether Santa is a zombie, Jane and Vince interview the security guy. 7 wallets have been stolen. Doesn't recognize the victim without zombie makeup.

There is a zombie wedding going on. Jane hates zombies so of course Frankie has to buy a lot of zombie gear and bother her.

At the Dirty Robber, Angela tells Jane she is quitting the GED. She can't do the math and she's never going to need it. Jane says when she tried to quit math in the 10th grade, Angela wouldn't let her. Jane thinks Maura should tutor Angela.

Kent works on zombie guy's autopsy. He can't tell real blood from makeup. He died from hitting his head on the sidewalk and he hit his assailant before he went down. Maura says she will update Jane. Kent has done some research and thinks Maura has a genetic condition. Maura is upset. Kent says there's room for optimism. But Maura can't be objective about her own health. Kent left the reading on her desk.

Nina has info about the pickpocket victims. They were all at the convention. Jane gets the idea of tracing the stolen credit cards. She is also annoyed that Frankie is using her mug. Turns out that's evidence that Nina slept over.  Frankie doesn't want his family butting into his relationship.

A video pops up of a girl confronting a pickpocket at ZombieCon -- did she kill him for revenge?

Jane and Vince need to talk to Christine MacKenzie. She claims her wallet wasn't stolen. Vince shows her the video. She thought the guy was trying to grope her. She found her wallet on the welcome mat this morning. She is surprised that the thief is dead. She doesn't have an alibi, of course.

Frankie and Vince doubt Christine's story, but the only thing in her past is a restraining order against a violent ex. They want to look into the ex.

Maura tries to convince Angela math is necessary. Angela is not convinced. She is overwhelmed by Maura's demonstration and more interested in what Kent is doing. Maura goes to talk to Kent.

Maura tells Frankie that the victim's blood was on all the wallets. Frankie is annoyed that Maura says the presence of blood doesn't prove Christine was at th scene.

Jane walks in to the squad room to find everyone being made up like zombies to do a lineup because the real zombies aren't cooperating. The little boy, Jared, is asked to look at them. He fools around and says none of them are the killer, and recognizes Frankie.

Vince wonders if Christine is covering for the wallet returner. It's not the ex. He lives in Missouri. One of the stolen credit cards was used and the user identified as a petty theif.

Maura says the wrong word and wonders if she's losing it. Kent tries to encourage her. Treatment is available. Maura isn't sure she's the sharpest mind in the room anymore and she's scared. Kent gives her space.

Angela has some lowers for Maura. She tells Vince she's a lost cause. She's upset because Max is giving up too. He's bright and he could turn his life around. But she'd be a hypocrite if she told him not to quit. She is afraid of failing. Vince points out she will if she doesn't try.

The thief has an attitude and pretends not to know anything. Jane informs him he is in big trouble if he doesn't cooperate. He says Kendall was threatening his operation when he has been doing this for years. He's not the murderer. He saw someone else follow Kendall outside. It was a skinny guy with super-elaborate makeup and a real limp.

Maura's analysis shows a lot of makeup on the victim's fist. Real blood too. No DNA. But microskin was on the victim's hand -- makeup usually used for burn victims. It is rare and only used when needed.

Christine doesn't know any burn victims but she knows someone with a limp -- a guy who waters plants in her building. She complimented him on his gardening skills.

The guy's name is Zachary Bale. He was fired for stealing plants. He was fixated on Christine. But owner paid in cash and didn't verify his ID. Name is fake. Frankie goes to warn Christine.

Jane says the microskin is her best clue. Maura says there's a procedure for her condition but it could make it worse as well. She gives Jane her resignation so she can be prepared for the worst. Jane says she'll hold onto her resignation letter but she's sure she won't need it.

Nina has local addresses for microskin recipients. She found "Zachary Bale." His name is Jeremy and he has a rap sheet -- bar fights and vandalism. He appears to be following Christine. 

Zachary/Jeremy is limping along somewhere, saying he's been waiting for this moment. Jane comes out of nowhere with a gun. He's surprised that Christine called the cops on him. He tried to help Christine when he saw her wallet stolen. He almost falls off the ledge. ZombieCon was the first place he felt normal  He killed the guy by accident. He's sure Jane thinks he's a monster and a freak. He looks like he's going to jump. Jane and Vince try to talk him down. Christine shows up and tells him not to jump. He gets down and is arrested. He will get involuntary manslaughter and therapy. 

Frankie almost tells Jane about Nina but she stops him.

Max shows up at the Dirty Robber.  Angela tells Max that before he was born someone told her she didn't need the diploma. She didn't know she was going to divorce him. She doesn't know if they'll ever use the math but if they work together they can pass the exam. He agrees and is clearly smitten with him.

Jane is annoyed that Maura is wearing zombie makeup. A bunch of guys dressed as zombies come in and it turns out Vince offered them free drinks. The zombies start dancing. Jane turns off the jukebox.


Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Vince: Maybe he's really a zombie.
Jane: Then we have no case, because you can't kill someone who's already dead.

Jane: You told me you were feeling better, that you don't have any more symptoms.
Maura: Yeah, but that could change at any moment and there's nothing I can do about it and I don't excel at doing nothing.