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Some crazy guy on a bike is weaving in and out of traffic til finally he crashes into someone and there is an explosion.

Maura got a fencing package. Frankie is there to take Jane to DC to talk to Quantico. Jane is not excited. Maura and Frankie are. Frankie and Maura get a call. Jane is unhappy.

Maura doesn't believe that the biker exploded but there were witnesses. CSU has not found the bomb. Maura says there are thermal burns -- not electric. Frankie thinks it's spontaneous combustion. Maura debunks that.

At the FBI Jane is greeted by Agent Davies.

Meanwhile, Angela is looking through the classifieds for an apartment. Her GED gave her a new perspective. She's an adult and wants her own place. She doesn't want Frankie to tell Maura. Frankie advises her to look online.

The victim is impossible to ID so far. Kent got DNA results. However, the test was too conclusive -- five different DNA matches from one sample.

Facial recognition doesn't do anything. Frnakie jokes that it's all five Little Rascals. Nina realizes there was a water bottle mount on the bike and possibly there was an explosive in a water bottle. 

Maura does something to help make the face more detailed. Kent apparently got some kind of scanner .They do something on the computer. Jane calls and wants to see the handlebars. Apparently Agent Davies made her wear khakis and a polo and Jane denies that she has a crush on Agent Davies but seems to have one anyway. Jane is worried she won't be able to connect with the students. 

Kent sneaks up behind Maura. Nina has identified the bicyclist.

They found 4 lbs of meth at Robert Hall (the victim's) apartment. But the meth lab was barely used and is sophisticated. One of the five DNA profiles found on the body was a gangster named David Yao.


Agent Davies takes Jane to the classroom. She is intimidated by some student complaining that the FBI should have found a man to give the talk.

The victim lived in a garage with a pool table and a bunch of road signs. Victim was estranged from his parents after running away from rehab. There's a meth lab in the other room.


Jane is very  nervous while speaking to the FBI trainees. She says she hated the idea of going to school and being lectured at. She decides to demonstrate interrogation with a student named Kyle. She interrogates him about whether he's used his fake gun in the bathroom. She tells the class that making a personal connection  allows you to use deception. She then interrogates various students. 

The student who wanted a male teacher comes up to Jane and drops something. He is acting suspicious.

Nina tells Maura she can't make a connection with Yao.

Maura has a hypothesis about the murder weapon. The explosive could have been made by melting fat from a liposuction. The killer would have needed a lot. Frankie thinks Jane will be sad that she missed out on this.

A botox surgeon has an attitude about being interrogated. Vince says this woman did liposuction on Big Yao and a few others. The woman says she doesn't know anything about a bomb. Vince threatens to look into her records. She says she never sees the fat once it is removed. The people who remove it are supposed to incinerate it right away.

Angela is having a hard time finding an apartment. For some reason she starts talking about how Frankie didn't want her to cut his hair when he was 15. Frankie looks online and says he's going to find Angela an apartment.

Vince asks Maura if she found any connection between the doctor and the meth lab. Maura finds that the doctor has been getting rid of way more fat than she's been charged with. She's been getting rid of it using black market removal services which are cheaper.

Vince and Frankie go on a stakeout. Frankie is happy to be on the stakeout because he's been online for three hours helping Angela.

They catch Dr. Bella dumping the fat in a civilian dumpster. But the fat container is empty so they can't arrest her. However there's a lot in the dumpster. Vince realizes she is retrieving the fat herself to save money. There's a security camera.

Maura gets a Skype call from Jane. Jane worries that she embarrassed the student and that he may be dangerous. Maura says the Bureau vets their recruits. They will catch it if the guy has some pathology. Jane finds out that a fellow student committed suicide and that this guy messed with her. Davies didn't think it was connected but Jane can't do nothing. She doesn't want this guy to get his FBI credential.

The footage shows a car. 

Vince wonders what Nina/Frankie's squash name is and decides they should be Rizaday.

There is someone giving out parking tickets when Vince and Frankie arrive.

Angela visits Maura. She brought lunch. Maura wonders if she is celebrating the apartment hunt. She figured it out because the classifieds keep disappearing.

Angela explains she wants to be independent and take care of herself. Maura asks if Angela knows anyone else who is looking for a roommate. Maura thinks Angela should just live in the carriage house and pay her rent.

Nina finds a ticketed driver, Leah Moore, is a viable suspect. Moore is a chemist who knew about the fat dumping.

Jane confronts the student. She says she is no Penny Williams. Agent Davies listens in and finds out the student is a misogynist. He removes him from the FBI. Davies asks Jane out ofr a drink. But she says her flight leaves in an hour.

Isles comes with the SWAT team to identify danger at the suspect's house. The team breaks in. Frankie realizes the suspect is here. Maura identifies a toxic gas bomb. 

The suspect comes back from a jog and tries to run away. Maura chases after her and we have the obligatory chase scene. The woman grabs a spade or something and Maura fences with her with a dowel and knocks her down so she can be handcuffed.


Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Frankie: Rizzoli.
Maura: Isles.
Jane: That doesn't sound right.

You bring life into the world. I delivered a package. My God, is there anything we can't do?