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A woman runs to her car as a cop is writing her a ticket but he won't stop writing it. She is angry. The cop sees someone shot in the next vehicle and tells her to call 911.

Jane looks for Maura in some fencing place and is told she's in the saber section. She watches Maura fence. Maura tells Jane how old an art it is. Jane is skeptical. Maura says doing this will help her build neural pathways to compensate for the damage from the hematoma. Jane is not interested in trying it. Their phones buzz. Jane answers Maura's phone for her and promises to be at a crime scene in 10 minutes. Maura doesn't see a need to change out of her fencing outfit before they leave.

Maura has a long list of activities she's going to try. Jane sarcastically suggests ice hockey.

The victim is a mailman who appears to have shot himself. No note. Lives a couple of blocks away. There is a chip in his tooth. Vince hopes it's not a suicide when he sees the photo of his wife and kids.

At the victim's house, Vince tells Jane the wife divorced the victim. His door is wide open when they get there. They check it out.  A US Postal Inspector is inside. She was looking for evidence. The guy was supposed to give her evidence of problems in the Post Office. Some janitor accused the victim, Jack, of stealing packages and was then murdered. She's sure there is something illegal in the packages but doesn't have any idea what. She has an attitude when Jane wants to secure the area herself. She is upset when she hears Jack is dead and is sure he was murdered.

At the Dirty Robber, Kiki comes to see Angela and give her tax documents to pass on to Vince. Angela rants about a blender being left behind her counter and Kiki thinks it might be her birthday gift.

Frankie doesn't think the Postal Inspector is to be taken seriously. Anyway everything about the guy's life points to suicide. However Vince finds the janitor died in an accident. Frankie thinks both the Postal Inspector and her theory are crazy.

Maura dances and sings to try to stimulate her brain. Kent asks if there's research in using this technique for her condition. There isn't.  Jane comes in. Kent is sent off. Maura finds the victim was healthy. No chip on his tooth a few months ago and evidence of trauma to his mouth. Bullet suggests a silencer and there are markings suggesting he was restrained by his seatbelt. 

Jane advises Vince not to talk to Angela while they are trying to deal with the Postal Inspector who is angry that she was suspended thanks to Vince's call to her boss.

The Postal Inspector is filled in. His ex wife hasn't seen him in over a week. Frankie wonders why bother with these coverups. He and the Postal Inspector get into it. The Postal Inspector couldn't check Jack's locker because she didn't have a warrant.

Maura has another lightheaded moment. Kent tells her about a spelling error in one of her reports. She remembers the term but can't remember how to spell it. Kent thinks she should go for the surgery.

Vince interrupts. He wants to know about the janitor's autopsy and wants Maura to look into it with the chief ME of the city.

Another postal worker sings the Post Office's praises. Anyway Jack was a mail sorter and got along with everyone. He had a tough time after his divorce. There is a bag in his locker with standard stuff but Jane wants to take it to the lab.

Maura hits it off with the Postal Inspector because of their mutual interest in stamps. The Postal Inspector invites her to a Postal Convention. Vince and Frankie don't want to sit with them when they come in.

Maura finds that the janitor's neck was broken from behind. Same MO as the victim.  Vince ignores another call from Angela.

There is a peanut butter granola bar in Jack's things even though he was allergic to peanuts. There was a bar code written on the back on the packaging.

The Postal Inspector is impressed that Nina understands that the bar code is used to get a zip code and a mailer ID to see who sent it. The Postal Inspector thinks Nina should join the Post Office.

Angela thinks the reason Vince's marriages don't work out is he gives crappy gifts. She thinks he should be more romantic. He thinks Kiki wants a blender.

The Postal Inspector is annoyed that Frankie won't give up his chair for Vince. She says Vince reminds her of her mentor when he gets annoyed with her calling him Silver Fox.

They find out the address is fake. Hundreds of packages sent. Packages must have been intercepted before going to Dead Letters.

Kent gives Maura a DNA report which turns out to be a list of neurosurgeons. Maura is annoyed that he is pushing surgeons on her when she hasn't asked for them.

Packages land in the Post Office on Tuesday and Thursdays. Jane thinks they need to go undercover to look at the Post Office. Vince is the only one who can do it because the others have been in the Post Office already.

Nina and Vince pretend to be janitors while CJ fumes that she wants to be on the inside and Jane encourages her to work with others. CJ doesn't like Jane's raspy voice.

The manager picks up the package and tries to run away.

Kiki comes to see Angela. She doesn't want to hurt Vince's feelings by saying she doesn't want a blender. Angela shows her a sarcastic face and tone. She thinks her divorce occurred because she didn't keep making the face. (Isn't Kiki a life coach? She should know better.)

Meanwhile, Jane asks for the DNA on the hair and finds out that the perp is female. Maura tells her about the list of surgeons. She thinks she has been doing all these activities to avoid the surgery. Maura is worried that if doesn't work she will not be herself anymore. Jane says Maura will always be her and she is the best friend she could ask for even if the surgery doesn't work.

CJ tries to freak out the manager. Jane comes in and says mailing drugs is a federal crime. She wants to know who he is working for. He is covering for people so he doesn't get killed. He says he got addicted to pain meds after a car accident and his dealer threatened to cut him off if he didn't send the packages through.  He must meet his dealer at 9 PM. Her name is Rachel Hanson.

Vince and CJ stake out the drop spot along with Jane. A car pulls up. It is Rachel Hanson. She shoots at Jane when Jane tries to stop her and a gun battle commences. CJ punches her out.

CJ gets called to investigate a big postal smuggling ring. She doesn't know how to get over two men dying.

Vince gives Kiki a tambourine with their birthstones attached to the back.

Maura doesn't want to do karaoke.  If she doesn't Kent will sing Donald Leave Your Trousers On. Nina comes to help her sing Natural Woman.


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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

And there it is. The condescending detective tone.

Postal Inspector

Vince: Guess we're rooting for this one not to be a suicide.
Jane: Wishing for murder. That's a first.