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The officers are assigned to help with undercover operations that focus on an alleged supplier of armor-piercing bullets this week. Of course, rookies are only meant to observe and if all goes well, they are allowed to attend Fite Nite, an annual boxing tournament between the men and women in blue.

Here's what went down on the episode...

- Andy breaks into her father's apartment and finds her dad passed out. He promises to top boozing for Fite Nite.

- As for the sting: the rookie set up to assist - Dov and Traci are in a van outside the target's apartment, while Gail and Andy cover the floor above the wired apartment and Chris is stuck back at the station. The first two end up chasing down a member of the criminal's crew and apprehend him... but Jerry writes Traci up for disobeying her orders to stay put. She takes it personally.

Meanwhile, Andy arrests a man on the scene who was distracting from the case by causing a domestic disturbance. But she later realizes he took in the wrong person, returns to the apartment building and finds a man beating on his wife. She puts him in handcuffs, but the wife doesn't press charges and ends up taking him back, much to Andy's chagrin.

- Jerry gets more information out of the cop-killer criminal (Beljac) by threatening to put his brother (the guy Traci tracked down) away for a long time. This strategy works and Beljac reveals the location of more bullets.

- Traci defeats her opponent on Fite Nite, but doesn't get the apology she wants from Jerry.

- Tommy is drunk and humilates Andy by getting into a fight outside the ring.

- At the end of the episode, we learn that Gail fears people think she has gotten this far as a cop due to her family connections; and Andy joins Luke for a drink. Swarek is at the same bar and isn't pleased when he sees them together.

Rookie Blue
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