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A girl is found dead at a party this week and Andy must make her first death call. She tells the girl's sister and her mother about the incident, only to watch as the mother barely processes the news.

She's a veteran and is having trouble adjusting to life back with her family. When she learns her dead daughter was also pregnant, this woman takes a gun to her head. Andy freaks out and it seems like the woman will go through with the suicide, until Noelle intervenes.

But the incident puts Andy on edge, big time. During her evaluation, she tells the boss that she might wanna resign due to the toll a uniform - be it army or police - can do to an individual. However, once all the rookies we've grown to know pass and are promoted, Andy is on board.


- Traci pretty much breaks up with Jerry to give it another try with her baby daddy.

- The episode ends with Gail asking Swarek to get some air, with everyone else around them at the bar. Sam agrees, Andy sees them leave together and, of course, doesn't like the sight of it.

Rookie Blue
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