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It was their very first day on the job as new police officers and it was anything but ‘sit back and let your partner drive.’  The five new trainees – Andy McNally, Traci Nash, Dov Epstein, Chris Diaz and Gail Peck – enjoy a light moment of hazing at the local pub, The Black Penny, the night before their first day, but once they put their uniforms on the action starts almost instantaneously.  

Just moments into her first shift, Andy McNally and her partner, Oliver Shaw, receive a call of a domestic disturbance in an area known for crime.  The initial response to the scene seems innocent enough until shots are fired and McNally and Shaw rush into the building.  Shaw calls for support and fellow trainee Traci Nash and her partner Noelle Williams arrive on the scene.  

The police encounter a room with a man shot to death in the back room and a young woman lying barely conscious on the floor.  The deceased man is determined to be a local drug dealer and the police suspect that a drug deal gone wrong is the root of the gory scene.  With a description of the shooter from a witness, McNally and Nash are sent to clear the building.

In one of the rooms that McNally is searching, she finds a man matching the description of the shooter and chases after him and his accomplice.  She eventually runs the suspect down and puts him in handcuffs despite his pleas that she’s making a mistake.  Back at the station, the suspect that McNally has arrested turns out to be Officer Sam Swarek who had been undercover for eight months.  However, McNally’s arrest has revealed Swarek’s identity to his accomplice and his cover is blown.

Chris Diaz is struggling with his assignment – interrogating a witness.  His witness is a known drug user who’s recently been released from prison and is in violation of her parole.  Diaz is unable to get any information out of her, but his partner, Frank Best cuts a deal with the witness promising not to write up any of her transgressions in return for information.

After drawing her weapon on a child hiding in a closet, Nash redeems herself when the child’s father comes to retrieve his kid from the police office.  The father tries to blame a female babysitter for bringing a child to a crack house, but Nash remembers that the child kept referring to a man when describing why he’s hiding in a closet.  Nash and Williams get the father to admit to drug use.

McNally apologizes to Swarek who’s not really receptive to the gesture, but still provides her with some information to try and find the shooter.  She returns to the scene of the crime and informs Det. Luke Callaghan that she’s going to follow the lead Swarek gave her and inspect the building next to the shooting.  

Before she finds anything, a young kid matching Swarek’s description points a gun at McNally and forces her to put on her own handcuffs.  While getting a description from the shooter as to how the entire scene went down, she escapes from her handcuffs and is able to convince the shooter to drop his gun without any shots being fired. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

First rookie out of their cuffs drinks for free. Everyone else pays.

Oliver Shaw