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When Andy and Sam investigate a complaint this week, they find the dead body of a man identified as someone Andy's dad helped put away about six years ago.

Sam recognizes the name and remembers the case: it was a rapist/murderer, but Andy's dad messed up the evidence and the guy only went away for a few years. When they go to ask him about it, Tommy is wasted and bloody. Moreover, Sam finds Tommy's gun and it's both been fired recently and is out of bullets. Could he have killed this man, who just got out of jail?

Back at the precinct, the man's wife has come in and mentions to Callahan that an older cop warned her weeks ago that her husband was bad news. When Tommy actually comes in and starts to go off about how much this guy basically deserved to die, Callahan tells him to get a lawyer and also gets mad at Andy for not being honest about her dad.

But when Sam drives the wife home, he gets her to confess that she killer her husband because it was the only way to make him stop. Turns out, Andy's dad simply got into a fight with the guy before he died, and then drove away to fire some rounds off at the beach. Still, Andy can't handle the path her dad has followed and convinces him to sober up. The episode ends with him attending AA.


- Traci helped Gail get over her fear of public speaking. It didn't exactly work, but the two bonded.

- Dov and Diaz dealt with a guy who thought he was a superhero, or at least tried to be in order to help the police. When he actually came up with evidence against a drug dealer, the pair dropped any charges against the man and even took him out for drinks to he could hang with cops for a bit.

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