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-Brennan knows Swarek is a cop because the boat he owns was confiscated by the police in a high profile drug case. He tortures Swarek trying to find answers about who killed his wife and child. He believes the police covered up their murder.

-The rookies investigate Brennan in order to find Swarek. They realize the accident report about his wife and child was tampered with. The Officer who submitted it admits that Detective Boyd (Swarek's handler) squashed her investigation.

-A biker killed Brennan's family because Brennan killed his brother. Boyd covered it up to get the man to inform on his gang.

-Dov and new rookie Pete find a house in Brennan's late wife's maiden name. Officers find Brennan torturing Swarek inside. 

-Both McNally and Swarek are suspended. Swarek asks McNally to come and attempt to be normal with him.

-Noelle tells Frank she may be pregnant even though she hasn't had any IVF treatments yet. Frank is thrilled.


Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Pete: Who hangs up on the police?
Dov: Lots of people. You get used to it.

Swarek's a badass. He's probably wired up somewhere playing poker with the bad guys.