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McNally and Peck go undercover to make a drug bust at a club owned by Patrick a former cop. Jerry, Traci, and Sam listen from the surveillance van.

-Traci and Jerry flirt and she finally gives in to her attraction and kisses him.

-While undercover, Andy admits that she chose Luke because he's a good guy and he loves her. Sam overhears from the surveillance van.

-The drug dealer, Russell becomes suspicious that his girlfriend Tori has been talking to the cops about him.  Still undercover, Andy tries to intervene as he threatens Tori and Russell pulls a gun on her.

-Patrick shoots and kills Russell. He says it was to save Andy but Oliver accuses him of killing the drug dealer because they were partners but there is no proof.

-Off duty, Dov attempts to intervene in a possible domestic violence case. Beatrice, the girlfriend accuses him of inappropriate behavior. 

-Dov is put on probation and has to ride with a supervising Officer. He tries to convince Chris to lie for him and say he witnessed the event.  Chris refuses.

-Later, Beatrice's boyfriend does beat her and the police are called, lending credence to Dov's story. He apologizes to Chris.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

The guy spit on the body after he popped him. Classy.


Sam: We make a good team you and me.
Andy: What are you saying?
Sam: Just what I said. What do you mean?
Andy: Nothing.