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-Andy runs into her mother, Claire McNally, at a domestic disturbance call. She's the social worker.

-Claire tells Andy she called after she left but her father wouldn't put Andy on the phone. Andy's father confirms it and says he was trying to protect her.

-Claire asks to tell Andy her side of the story and Andy agrees to meet her for coffee.

-Chris is dating lots of women but tells Gail he forgives her and hints that they might have another chance. Gail tells him that she once almost married Nick but he left and now that he's back they've started dating.  Chris is hurt but says he has lots of other options.

-Guns show up on the street that Jerry signed paperwork claiming he saw them be disposed of as evidence from a previous case.  Turns out he hadn't witnessed the event.  At the time he was cheating on his wife and was running off for the weekend with his girlfriend.

-The evidence clerk, Nancy sold the guns instead of disposing of them.

-Oliver tells Dov that his wife kicked him out and he's been living at a motel.

-Dov thought his first day back to work would make him feel normal but it doesn't and he's not sure what to do next. 

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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

You're lucky you're cute.


Andy: Are you wearing lipstick?
Sam: It's not his lipstick.