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-Liz Adams, a high-end escort from Elite Escorts goes missing.  Nicole, a second escort is also missing.

-Gail goes undercover as an escort but as they make an arrest, Liz shows up. She took off after a fight with her boyfriend but she's fine.

-Chris and Dov find a body in the park. It is Nicole.

-Gail goes back to Andy's place alone. When she opens the door, thinking it's Nick, the attacker rams through the door and beats her up.

-Jerry and Traci decide on a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.  Jerry wants to sail off on a boat but Traci turns him down. 

-Jerry asks Sam to be his best man.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I can't even picture Sam on vacation. He doesn't even own shorts.


Nick: Wanna go back to my place.
Gail: I'm allergic to your cheap sheets, remember?