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-Kevin Ford catches Marlo sneaking around his home. Later he is found beaten unconscious in his home.


-Andy realizes Marlo is having a manic episode and tells Sam she is bipolar. When Sam finds out Marlo's fingerprints are found in Ford's house he ask Andy to forge an entry in Marlo's notebook giving her a reason for being there. 


-Andy is unhappy about all of the lies and secrets. At first she keeps it from Nick, who knows she's lying but she later comes clean.


-Sam leaves Traci on her own to handle a drug operation when he takes off to help Marlo. Traci realizes that a rival gang is about to hit their dealer. When Sam won't pick up his phone, she calls Steve. The two of them and their team stop the hit and arrest the gunmen.


-Traci asks Steve out to celebrate. He accepts.


-Chris is broken up over losing Christian but hides it by trying to party with his friends.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Sam: It's not so bad.
Traci: A rat touched my foot, Swarek.
Sam: Not in a hostile way.

You have to go away. You have to take your horrible talking, talking mouth away from me.