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-The Division finds out Chris left for Timmins without saying goodbye. Dov is hurt.


-Shaw confides in Dov that he filed for divorce from Zoe because she's in love with someone else.


-Grace Allison Finn is abducted in Ross Perik's old cab, the serial killer who killed Det. Jerry Barber and kidnapped Gail.


-Gail visit Perik in prison to gain information on his copy cat but he'll only tell her if she shares her darkest secret. She tells him she cheated on her boyfriend. When she leaves the room she finds out Nick was listening.


-Gail confesses how hurt she was when Nick chose to spend his off time undercover with Andy. He admits he thought his feelings for Andy were just a crush but they haven't gone away. Nick and Gail break up.


-Sam chooses Andy to work the Perik case with but treats her badly. She tells him to stop using her as his personal punching bag.


-Traci opens up to Steve Peck (Gail's brother) about how much she still misses Jerry. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Gail: Do you know how many recipes you can make with cheese puffs?
Nick: Please tell me it's just one.

Diaz is gone and he won't be coming back.