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-A sniper targets the members of 15 Division and Officer Chloe Price is shot. Andy drags her to safety and she undergoes surgery.


-At the hospital, Dov meets Chloe's estranged husband Wes, of whom he knew nothing about. Wes says he wants a second chance with Chloe.


-Andy kisses Nick in front of Sam. Sam continues to cover for Marlo. Nick enters Marlo's house when they realize the sniper is Kevin Ford. Her place has been broken into but she's at her sister's. Nick finds all of the pictures Marlo took of Ford. 


-As Oliver goes to back up Nick, Ford surprises him and takes him hostage. 


-Holly is worried about Gail being on the street. Gail kisses her and they're both surprised.


-Steve tells Traci he's serious about her and wants to meet Leo. She agrees they should all have dinner together after the case is closed. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

People don't press me for details. I'm lucky that way.


The king of the dorks has found his queen. The nerd empire can rejoice.